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Tales of Abused Teenager: The Omolola’s Experience-The Accident

02 January 3:00pm

It was a long and quiet drive from Zone B Okota police station where Chief Williams had filed a report on the account of rape against Uncle Kunle.

Uncle Kunle was beaten and tortured for one week at the police station, his face was swollen, his body was bruised all over, he was so much dealt with that even my father’s connection could not save him this time around.

Immediately he stepped out of the holding cell with my father I felt guilt  inside me ,If I had not gone Into the kitchen that day he would not have ended up in the police station and my father wouldn’t have lost his friendship with chief Williams.

Amidst all this I tried getting a peek at his face through the rear mirror, each time I tried this he caught me staring and returned a look that sent shivers down my spine.

My father decided to break the horrible silence-`Kunle I hope you have learnt your lesson, It is not everything you see in skirt you lay with, how can you sleep with a 16 year old girl, a girl who Is 5 years older than Omolola your niece’

`But Uncle Tade you keep scolding me as If I am a little child, how was I supposed to know she was a minor, she has a big stature, talks in a mature manner. I mean she was practically the one leading me on, I could not resist such offer’ Uncle Kunle said in defense.

That statement, caused a heated argument between him and my father which lasted until  we got home.

23 of March 8:00 am

It has been a few months since Uncle Kunle was released from police custody and everything seemed back to normal, my mother was giggling like a young girl who just found true love.

You needed to have seen her fold her clothes carefully into the travelling bag, while also checking my father’s bag  for all the basic things he might need for the next weeks.

24th March is a Getaway season for my parents, It is their wedding anniversary celebration; my parents’ marriage will clock 13 years tomorrow and they decided to go for a vacation to Suncity for their anniversary.

On our way to drop my parents at the airport I looked out the window, the sky was tar-black and the large clouds were moving towards the car. I heard a tapping on the window and then it became a pitter-patter. I could see people running for shelter, puddles began blinking as the rain became heavier. The roofs of the cars danced with spray and I could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window. It sounded like the buzzing of angry bees.

`I believe you can put on the hat of a responsible Uncle for these few weeks,won’t be a problem for you ,Kunle I do not want to hear any funny stories about the house with a stick of cigarettes  like the almost burning episode last year, please do take of your nephew as we go to south Africa,my father said to Uncle Kunle as he drove us to the Muritala Mohammed Airport In Lagos, that was when the funny sound came from the engine of the car ,my father tried pulling over the brakes wouldn’t respond ,the  car rolled over several times, breaking glasses and Inflating the safety bag. My head made contact with the cement ground not a moment later. Currently, blood Is pouring out of my head ,I became dizzy everything around me became dark ,I couldn’t feel my legs nor hands.

I began wondering what was happening to me, where is my father and my mother?What is happening to me? I called out for help but I could barely hear myself.

I heard a siren and saw myself on a stretcher like one in the popular movies, I saw Uncle Kunle on another stretcher we were both moved in the same truck and were admitted in hospital.

14th of April 12:00pm

Few weeks passed and I was still on admission in the hospital with Aunty Bimpe attending to me and Uncle Kunle. I asked after my parents from, she replied that they were away on their vacation.

I kept asking after my parents since it was already 4 weeks they embarked on the trip. I wanted to know why they would not come visit me at the hospital. So I asked again when my parents will be back.

Suddenly, Aunty Bimpe started crying. I thought about what I had said and if I said anything wrong. I asked Aunty Bimpe why she was crying, Then she looked at me and the next words that came out of her mouth made my world crumble

Ooo No! This can’t be happening to me right now.Did Aunty Bimpe just say dead.

Serah Aina





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