How to Deal With a Bad Break up

Love is a beautiful thing. Do you know anyone who has ever been in love? They would agree that love intoxicates. But of course, certain things happen hence love in itself doesn’t keep a relationship. We have all been there at a point in life: today your dating relationship feels so perfect that it becomes surreal, at other times, it is just really hard that you begin to consider letting go. Are you at the verge of a break up with that very special person to you? Dealing with it may seem quite impossible; you may begin to wonder how you would continue with life. Overcoming a break up takes a process, following the process below would help you pull through.

Release Those Tears and Cry Them Out

Some people consider crying as a sign of weakness but I dare say letting out a those drops of tears will make you feel better. Cry it all out. Let out all the hurt, pain, anger, sadness and every emotion you feel. Make sure none is left. Allowing some of these emotions may impede your progress. You need to release it all, so you can move on.

Drinking and Smoking is Never an Option

A break up hurts badly especially if it were someone you loved deeply that is a bad break up. You shouldn’t consider drinking or smoking. It will cause you to make decisions and take steps you may regret.  Alcohol and smoking is like a rush giving temporary relief. The relief it gives is short lived; intensifying your emotions making you say and do wrong things.

Do not Blame Yourself

Research has shown that humans are naturally selfish. When your partner calls off the relationship with no reason whatsoever shows he never considered a future with you. As such, you should never ever think it is your fault. Forget blaming yourself for some other person’s selfishness. Never belittle yourself, thinking: you were not good enough or that you did not match up to the person’s standard. Considering that “no one will ever love you again” means you have surrender to self pity. You are perfect. Those who desire you will come and they will see the good in you.

Forgive Yourself

While you are letting out all the tears, you may begin to think that you are responsible for the break up: blaming yourself all the way, saying and wishing if you had not done it this way or that way the relationship may still be on. Though you both may have contributed to the crash of the relationship, it may even be your fault; however you need to pick up yourself, shake it off and move on. Forgiving yourself for whatever role you played in the break up is important to making you a better person.

Hang Around Those who Love You

Release yourself to love. Allow yourself be loved. You are worth more. Do not isolate yourself. This leads to depression. After crying it all out, hang out with your friends, go shopping, do fun things, enjoy the gift of love from your friends, do the things enjoy. Never let the depression settle in that you begin to look all moody and sad.

Get Busy

One key factor needed in dealing with a bad breakup. It automatically takes your mind off and gets you to concentrate on becoming better. With this you no longer remember the pain and anger feeling. It just takes your attention away, reducing the sulking and depression hence, you become better. The less time you have to dwell over the old relationship, the more quickly you will be able to get over it.

Give Attention to Work

This wouldn’t be easy, it does come on you. You have to try and make yourself give attention to your job, academics and work generally. Don’t waste time on wishful thinking over a broken relationship. Concentrate on work and study. Make sure you love what you do. With this, you would have little or no time sulking over what you need to move away from

Never Jump Right into Another Relationship

You need some time to heal, rediscover yourself, know who and what you want and then be a better person. All these take time. Never go straight ahead into another relationship. Do not think that is what you need. You need time to heal and cannot offer someone else your complete self if you are yet to discover your identity. You need time to figure out who and want you want and until you do that. Keep enjoying yourself. When you have it all figured out, you will know when the right person comes.

Explore Your Choices

Try out new things; you could find a new hobby, game or sport that interests you. Unlearn and learn new ways of doing things. Work and develop yourself. Be better for yourself first. Meet new people, know new things. Motivate yourself from within. Challenge yourself. A bad breakup does not translate to the end of life.

A break up is sad; still, it does not signify the end of the world. The earlier you move on from it, the better. There is always a reason for everything, learn all you need to and move on. Think about your future; decide on all you need to be better. Focus on becoming better for yourself. Use whatever you have learnt to avoid a recurrent situation. You will find your person.


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