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Creating your home…

Creating your home…

After moving around to make ends meet, there is nothing that can be compared to you coming back from those plenty walks to your home of comfort. How annoying can it be when you go out only to return to an unattractive and unpleasant atmosphere in your home?

We might see some things as unimportant when we are arranging the house but really they go a long way in affecting our thoughts and mood when we are in there.

There is absolutely nothing like a comfortable home, where you have the right set of sofas, lights, curtains, tables, and carpet. When you are arranging that new house, you need to put a lot of things into consideration. Do not be in a hurry to arrange the house, take your time to put the necessary things in place. Make sure the paint colour complements every other furniture you will be putting in the house.

When you are choosing the paint colour, try to choose a cool colour instead of the very sharp ones because it cool colours do the magic of calming you. Matching a sharp colour with a cool one will look very nice and relaxing. The furniture is also very important as it helps in giving the house that exquisite look, your sofa should not be too colourful but it should be beautiful and the colour should also do the job of matching the other things arranged in the house, it should blend well with the carpet/rug. When you are picking your sofa ensure to pick what you are very comfortable with, do not go for a leather chair if you have a cross ventilation challenge in your house, if you do ensure you get an air condition to deal with the heat. Not to forget your curtains, you can make them colourful although not outside the initial colour.

After putting everything in place, you can now comfortably move in with your belongings at the appropriate place then you can look at your house and affirmatively say that you are ‘home’.

Tayo Ejikunle

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