How to Create a Trendy Wardrobe For Working Mums-7 Easy Steps to Becoming a Slay Queen

Getting all dressed up can be a tiring experience. As a working mother, you just want to choose an outfit, drag yourself to the office and return home to do more important things. Scratch that, girlfriend! Who says you cannot be a diva while keeping it together? The beauty of dressing well is not only the look good part, the feel good part trumps it all. Here are a few ways to build your wardrobe to the point where people see you walk in and scream “Mama Mia!”

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe:

A lot of moms are so hung up on pieces that are either too big or too small. You know that voice in your head that says “I am working on losing the baby weight so I can rock this gorgeous dress again”, ignore it. The possibility of becoming the size 6 you used to be might not be realistic. Just work on keeping the belly flat (body magic/waist clincher is available) while you enjoy the voluptuous curves that come with motherhood. Decluttering looks like a lot of work but it is really simple. It means you get to take out the old in order to make room for the new. Choose a day and carefully sort out your clothes. The not so fun part is the part of trying each item on and tossing it in the “give this out” box. You can have a friend help you out (at least she will be there to tell you how ugly the dress(es) look while helping you wipe your tears as you give these items up.

2. Know Your Body Type:

One thing that motherhood blesses some people with is an improved body shape. Whether it is temporary or permanent, only time can tell. You know that feeling you get when you try on a dress at the store and it does not sit right? ; That is your body shape telling you to choose something more flattering. If you never paid so much attention to your body type before the baby came, now is the perfect time to make amends. The fact that you have decluttered your wardrobe makes it easy to get new clothes that fit perfectly while playing up your beautiful features. Read more about dressing to suit your body type here.

3. Create Sections in Your Wardrobe:

It is very important to build an easy wardrobe layout. This will not only help you locate fashion items within a shorter time, it will also help you utilize almost every piece you have before starting the cycle again. Seeing everything makes it easy for you to mix and match. Hang up your shirts and dresses (in a pattern). Hanging similar items together prevents one item from staying hidden. Fold your bottoms and arrange them so you can see everything without removing other items (all skirts together, all the leggings together etc.). Have a little bag or storage box for your underwear so you can choose these smaller (matching) pieces quickly. Set up your shoe rack in a corner of the room and lay out your footwear by keeping each pair together. Get a jewelry organizer for your tiny accessories so you can make quick decisions. Having a well-planned layout will make it easy to pick your outfits in little time.

4. Make a List:

For every time you pick out what to wear, you have the chance to take note of what you need. You can have sticky notes on your wardrobe doors to write the needed item(s) so you don’t forget. This way, you know exactly what you want to buy the next time you go to the store.

5. Have a Colour Scheme:

Knowing the right colour choices for your skin tone can help you match items to give you the perfect look. Your skin tone is the reason some colours don’t work for you while some are just perfect. Based on experience, you can tell the colours that make you pop and the ones that make you look otherwise. This knowledge can help you choose fashion pieces that will make you look coordinated and confident (like a well prepared bowl of fruit salad *wink*). Don’t be afraid to try new things from time to time. Dressing experiments can help you learn new things while creating your own style. Embrace it.

6. Prepare for the Week:

Making choices in a hurry defeats the purpose of having a rich wardrobe. The beauty of having an organized wardrobe is in utilizing it. Bottom-line: Slaying requires preparation. Spend a few minutes on Saturday or Sunday to choose and iron the outfits for the week. This will not only help you look stunning every day for five days, it reduces the pressure of doing so much in very little time. All you get to do is throw on your clothes and go on to work. You should also have a compact makeup purse that has all the essentials in your selected bag for the day or week. This way, you can apply your makeup anywhere. Do not forget to carry a pair of slippers for that time you get when you take off your high heels.

7. Get Your Confidence Back:

This is the cherry on your fashion cake. Your outfit will look blah if you walk into the room looking like a sad clown. Hold your head up high, move gracefully and smile. The world is your canvas. Paint the way you like and enjoy the process.

Now that you know what you need to do, get up and slay!

Featured Image: Trendy Wardrobe

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