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How to cook Okazi Soup

How to cook Okazi Soup

It is quite difficult to live in the Eastern part of the country and not fall in love with Okazi soup. Okazi soup is a delicacy common among the Igbos. Based on my research, Okazi soup originated from Abia state, believe it or not a taste of this vegetable soup will leave you craving.

The secrets to cooking a proper Okazi soup right are the condiments  in the soup.

Ingredients needed are- Okazi leaf, periwinkles, Ogiri Isi etc. Ogiri Isi is one ingredient worth including in your local delicacy. Although Ogiri has an unpleasant smell despite its sweet taste.
Okazi leaves has a rich source of protein, essential and non-essential amino acids. It also has an anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties.

Okazi soup can be made with or without a thickener depends on how you want it to look or taste.

Cooking Okazi Soup
Preparation Time: 20 minutes.
Cook Time: 50 minutes

Orisirisi (Ingredients):

1. 300g of Okazi leaves (sliced thinly).
2. Red beef
3. 2 spoons of Achi(grounded)
4. 2 scotch bonnet pepper (Atarodo)
5. 1 Small Stock fish Part (oporoko)
6. 1 Small dry fish and Crayfish.
7. 1 big sized Onion
8. 200g periwinkles (Optional).
9. 2 Seasoning cubes.
10. Palm oil
11. Salt to taste.

Cooking Directions:
1. Pound the Okazi leaves, pound with pestle till it becomes almost a paste.
2. Grind the Achi with a dry mill and put it aside.
3. If you are using periwinkles you could either use the shelled or un-shelled type. For those using the shelled make sure you rinse well to remove the mud and any hidden dirt from the shell, chop off the sharp edge of the periwinkles with a knife. Once you are done with that put the periwinkles aside.
4. For the base of the soup wash the stock fish, beef, dry fish and put in a pot.
5. Add the seasoning cubes, salt, onions and grounded pepper.
6. Add a little water enough to cover the contents of the pot and cook for about 15mins till you get your desired tenderness. (At least for 15 mins).
7. Add palm oil and mix once the stock starts to boil.
8. Add your Achi and mix.(Leave to cook for about 15 mins)
9. Add your periwinkles and Cray fish. (Allow To Cook For 5mins).
10. Add The Pounded Okazi Leaves. Let it cook for 10mins and more.

Your Okazi soup is ready and can be served with either wheatmeal,pounded yam, semovita or eba.

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