Tale of a teenager: The Omolola’s experience-The Party

25th of December 12:00 pm

Walking down the stairs,I could hear a familiar voice calling out my name screaming‘Omolola! ‘Omolola! Help me check the kitchen cabinet for a new pack of magi seasoning and I need it right no’that was my mother Chief Mrs Tade herself AKA Mama Show, always representing at any family event.

She can like to party for Africa.

As I hurriedly turn back I heard my name again ‘Omolola! ‘Omolola! ‘Get me cold water from the fridge andalso come with my food ’.I sheaved a sigh as I listened to the voice other me around- that is the voice of the man who treats me like a maid. Oh how I hate his guts! Whenever he needs my attention;he calls me with such pride and ego, I really do not blame him, I blame my father who gives him so much power and room to do whatever he likes including ruling the affair of the house as if he owns it.

Whenever mum complains to dad he would always come with the excuse of ‘heis my only brother and there is nothing I can do about his attitude, he is an adult, I can’t control him and you do not expect me to chase him out of the house even if he has refused to get a life at the age of 38’.

Omolola! He calls yet again jolting me out of reverie.

I began thinking again;’ O God why am I the only child, these household chores would kill me some day’ I muttered to myself.

Omolola!Yet I heard my name this time it was Aunt Bimpe

‘what are you doing standing here I have been behind you for a while,, it is obvious you were lost in thought, kin niomokeke e araro,  what are you thinking of  you are just 11 years old, do you want to kill yourself?. ‘Nothing ma’I replied.

“In that case your mum is waiting for the seasoning outsideoya make. It snappy it is almost time for the Christmas party and you are yet to take a bath and get dressed.Your daddy’s jet will arrive soon and he won’t be seeing you dressed this way. In fact don’t worry I will give your mum the seasoning’. Aunt Bimpe thank you so much you are indeed a life saver” I thanked my Aunt and ran to take a bath.

So I decided to serve my uncle his food before he gets angry and tells me I am a rich spoilt brat, Uncle Kunle never sees anygood in what I do.


The party already begun. People wouldn’t stop tropping in.This is my best time of the year. I look forward tomy father hosting his business partners, having lots of food, drinks, music, fun and of course time out with my Dad.

‘ChiefWilliams I am so happy to see you with your delectable wifeand your lovely daughter, Mrs Williams it is always nice having you around’ that is the voice of my father chief Tade the owner of O&T enterprises always going on business trip all around the world to meet his business partners he works too hard and he is never around, he just came into town today and he would be travelling tomorrow for another business trip. Whenever I complain, he would say ‘OmololaIwork so hard for you to have a comfortable future’

Figuring, it was quite difficult getting Dad’s attention,I decided to join Mum on the dance floor as I heardKing Sunny Ade’ssong ‘Majaiyeoni’my Mum’s favourite track of the great music legend, while dancing with her Uncle Kunle came to join us and before I realised the dance floor was filled with people dancing to the melodious tune. I saw uncle Kunle dancing with Sandra Williams the only daughter of Chief Williams. They kept holding hands and wouldn’t let go off themselves.

Omolade help get my slippers from the room my leg hurts badly I need to get down from this heels Mumsaid. Immediately, I ran up till the stairs. Suddenly,Iheard sounds of two people struggling with each other in the kitchen, curiosity got me so I decided to check what was going on. As I opened the kitchen door to my greatest surprise,I saw uncle Kunle dragging someone my her clothes he wasn’t facing me directly so I didn’t know what was happening.

I was so scared because I saw a knife on the kitchen cabinet and the heat of the struggle was really intense.I started crying.I didn’t realize when I gave out a loud scream. Help! I shouted.

My voice filled the air. In no time the kitchen became filled with people. Everyone who had come for the party had gathered. Suddenly, Uncle Kunle freed his captive. He gave me that look of disgust.

Then I realised the person whom I thought was trying to kill my dearest uncle was Sandra Williams and she was half naked while uncle Kunle was pants down over her.

O my God!I muttered out.

‘What is the meaning of this, what is all this shenanigans about?, Kunle most you always bring reproach to the family, of all the ladies here it just had to be my business partners daughter Chief Williams what is wrong with you, I mean don’t you have some decency in the kitchen,Kunle where we cook and serve our food I am so speechless and disappointed just put on your clothes before her father gets in here’ 

My father said not knowing Chief Williams and his wife were standingbehind him as he turned Chief Williams was filled with so much rage and disappointment, `Tade our friendship is over and I am pressing charges on rape against your family’

Chief Williams said with seriousness written all over his face. Pressing charges for what?  Sandra is 22 years old. Uncle Kunle had the nerves to voice out his opinion on this awkward situation, Chief Williams was so furious that he almost threw Uncle a punch. With tears and shock laden voice, Chief Williams screamed,“she is only 16 years old”. The room suddenly began to spin.

Serah Aina


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