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Celebrating The Feminine Strength…

Celebrating The Feminine Strength…

Who can do many things at a time without getting tired? Who can be a nanny to both adult and children? Who can combine home responsibilities with a career? Who has the capability to sacrifice a whole lot just for the happiness of those she loves?

A deity deserving of worship yet worships those she loves wholly. She is quite sacrificial; if she so desires and can go all out to give satisfaction and happiness. She can be all encompassing:  a wife, a mother, a teacher, a mentor, a counsellor, a cook, a cleaner, a prayer warrior, a protector, a sponsor, a listening ear, a mouthpiece, an escort and many more, most importantly she is a Woman.

She can be all these and yet remain unbreakable. A very emotional being that cannot afford to be heart broken by the ones she loves and can break down into tears at any slight provocation. She cannot afford to see her children go hungry; she will rather go to bed with nothing than to see her crown and her children sing the solemn song of hunger. Her words are her own little weapon, she loves to receive attention by the ones she loves and cannot hide her hurt when she is being ignored by them.

She expresses all forms of feelings with tears in her eyes which leaves men worrisome as to why a woman loves to cry at any point in time. It is expected that when you receive good news, you jubilate but an average woman will tune into tears of joys before thinking of dancing. She is strong; she can go through series of torture, hurt and pain yet remain unmoved.

She fights her way to the top of her career, she is always ready to make a difference wherever she finds herself, she is full of wisdom and creativity, she is tactical in her field, and wise in her home in fact she is top notch. Irrespective of what she has, she still gives honour to her husband and never let down her family.

Oh what an awesome being the woman is! To all the women out there, I want to remind you that you a rare gem, doesn’t matter the rough time when you feel you have lost it, if you will you have the power to rise again, you are Gold!

Happy Gold’s day to all women out there!

‘Tayo Ejikunle

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