7 Benefits Of Deep Conditioning Your Natural Hair

As a Naturalista myself, I know the importance of including deep conditioning into my hair care routine. Before wearing that hair extension, it is necessary to deep condition your hair make it healthy during the period you are wearing the hair extensions. Conditioning supports the health, strength, hydration and appearance of your hair. Most ladies on natural hair complain of breakage and split ends which had made them give up on the curly kinky hair. Hair breakage and split ends can be prevented with the right deep conditioning product at the right time. There are two types of deep conditioner: Moisture and Protein based.

A Protein based deep conditioner helps to strengthen the hair, this prevents hair breakage and split ends. It improves elasticity and boosts porosity of the hair. Protein based conditioners repairs damaged hair.

The Moisture based deep conditioner retains moisture in the hair. Frequent use of moisturizing deep conditioner softens the hair over time and leaves the hair shining.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Deep Conditioning

Apply your deep conditioner on a freshly and neatly washed hair.

Apply on your hair and not on your scalp, special focus should be on the tip.

It is advisable to warm your conditioner or use a heat cap after use.

You may use a steamer for easier and quicker penetration.

You are to make use of your deep conditioner as directed by the manufacturer.

Do not sleep with the conditioner on, thirty minutes will just be enough but if it is a DIY deep conditioner it can last for an hour.

Pay attention to ingredients and not the price tag when buying your hair product. Best ingredients include cationic polymers, silicones, cationic surfactant, oils and emollients.

Moisturise and seal your hair

Style as desired.

Deep Conditioning Benefits

  1. It prevents damage, dryness, breakage and split ends.
  2. It adds moisture and protein to the hair.
  3. It helps protect the hair from bad chemicals generated from hair products.
  4. It keeps the hair soft and strong.
  5. It keeps the hair alive and healthy which encourages growth.
  6. It repairs damaged hair.
  7. It reduces frizzles.

Remember your hair is a plant when fed and nurtured well, you get your desired growth and result.


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