Asoebi Styles for Wedding: Trending Looks for Women

Asoebi is a traditional Yoruba concept that has been trending in recent times. It’s a popular choice for marriages, especially among Nigerian women who want to look swish on their big day. 

Asoebi styles can be worn by both misters and bridesmaids likewise, but they are especially suited for the couple because they are so elegant and beautiful. However, it’s important to know how each style works so that you can pick out a bone that suits your face shape stylish! 

 If you want to wear this trend at your marriage or other formal event. 

Types of Asoebi Styles 

  • Ankara is a type of fabric that began in Ankara, Turkey. It’s made from cotton or silk and has a veritably intricate pattern. 
  • Lace is a type of fabric with holes in it, generally made from silk or rayon. 
  • Velvet is a heavy fabric that feels like velvet when you touch it( but is not actually made out of velvet). It can be made from silk, hair or synthetic filaments like polyester or paintings– and occasionally indeed mixed together! 
  • Chiffon is another kind of featherlight material that feels soft and flowy when you touch it; it’s frequently used for marriage dresses because it looks great under lights! Chiffons come in different weights grounded on how important they weigh per yard (or cadence). The heavier bones tend to bring further than lighter bones because they take longer to make but generally last longer too since they will not tear as fluently due to their consistency; still, if you are looking for a commodity more affordable also conclude for one made out of thinner accoutrements rather! 
  • Brocade fabrics are analogous except they’ve patterns woven into them rather than published onto them like utmost other types do which makes them stand out indeed more visually despite being less precious than brocades themselves.

 Popular Asoebi Styles  

  • Off- shoulder 

 The off-shoulder style is a classic Asoebi style that can be worn by anyone. It’s a great way to show off your shoulders and arms, while still being modest enough for any occasion. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your bra strips are hidden or covered up with fabric so they do not show through when wearing this look! 


  • The Mermaid Asoebi has long been popular among women because it flatters their bodies in all the right ways. This dress will give you angles in all the right places, but also make sure not too important skin shows through at formerly– just enough so that everyone knows what kind of body shape you have underneath those layers! High-Low Hemline Asoebi Styles 

 Accessories for Asoebi Styles 

Accessories are a great way to add some personality to your look. However, classic look, try wearing plain jewellery and shoes, If you are going for an elegant look. However, also go for bolder pieces like chunky chokers or statement earrings, If you want a style that is further ultramodern and edgy. 

You can also use accessories as a tool to express yourself through colour if one of your favourite colours is unheroic but it does not fit into your marriage’s colour scheme( which may be black), try wearing a bright unheroic bag or clutch rather! 

How to select Asoebi Styles 

  • The first step in opting for an Asoebi style is to consider your body type. 
  • Do you have a long torso or a short bone? 
  • Are your legs long and spare, or do they taper down to a narrow ankle? 
  • If you have wide hips or a large bust, it’s important to make sure that the fabric of your dress will round those features. 
  • Next is your skin tone: how dark or light are your arms and legs? 
    If they are veritably dark compared with the rest of your body( or if there is any chance that they could get sunburned), also choose a commodity that covers up as important skin as possible without looking too heavy-handed about it. Asoebi styles tend to be loose- befitting anyway; so if there is any chance of getting hot under all those layers of fabric during summertime espousal in Hawaii or Miami Beach. Well, you get my point! 
  • Eventually, comfort! You do not want anything too tight around sensitive areas like bust lines because this can cause discomfort during long hours spent standing up straight while walking down an aisle; nor should anything be so loose around those same areas because also there will not be enough support for heavy guts which could lead back pain latterly on down life’s road– not delightful! 

 Tips for Choosing Asoebi Styles 

  1. Research 
  2. Take filmland of the clothes you like, and make sure to note down the brand name and price 
  3. Try on different clothes in your size to see how they fit you before buying them 
  4. Ask musketeers or family members for their opinions 

How to watch for Asoebi Styles 

The are some tips for minding your Asoebi styles 

  • Wash your hair gently. Don’t rub or drop the hair with a kerchief, as this can beget ringlet and damage the cuticle of your hair. rather, gently stroke dry with a soft kerchief and also use an oil painting-grounded conditioner to moisturize your cinches before baptizing them into an Asoebi style. 
  • Store your lacings in a watertight vessel if you are not wearing them right down; this will help keep humidity out and protract their life span! 

Asoebi styles for marriages are a must-have for any woman who wants to look stylish on her big day. The dress will be the centrepiece of your outfit, so it’s important that you choose a commodity that fits your body type and complements your skin tone. However, do not worry– we’ve got some ideas! 

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