Ankara Fabric: Creative Ways to Spice up Your Look and Home

Ankara has gone global, trendy and multipurpose. It has metamorphosed over the years and gloriously evolved from that piece of fabric sewn into a pretty attire to a material of home decor`. With the Ankara fabric there is just about anything that you hardly can create: all you need is a creative mind. By infusing the Ankara print design into your home, you would have a beautiful, homely  warm and cozy African atmosphere. This prints lightens your mood and adds some African finesse to your home.

Hardly is there a thing that can not be made/ “touch-ed” up with the Ankara fabric.

From chair cover, throw pillows, wall clocks, hand bags, shoes, wall frames, pictures frames, book covers to saucers, mugs, plates, cups, curtains, table top covers and much  more, this fabric has now become highly essential.

Check out how these household items have been beautified with Ankara –





Flowers and Vases:



Home Decor`:




Beddings & Pillows:



Tables and Settes:




Earrings and Bangles:


Footwears’ and Bags’:



Lamp Stands:


Create that Ankara-themed look and be sure to get your folks drooling away…


Photo Credit: Pinterest, Google Images

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