9 Best Bra Brands for a Full Bust

The bust is the beauty of a woman, how much a full bust. It gives a redefined classy and feminine look which will leave all gender drooling. However, a wrong bra brand will give your girls an undignifying look not befitting their existence; it denies them  the admiration they deserve. As a result, it has become very crucial that you wear the best brands befitting the look of your girls- your full bust.

A “Full bust” refers to the actual cup size of a woman’s boobs. It begins from a DD/E to a Z cup. There are several bra brands– Fantasie, Freya, Bravissimo, Cameo, Goddess, while some brands specialize in a full bust only, some make both however, this article will help ladies select the best brands for a full bust.
These bra brands have been considered the best for a full bust.


This brand is known for its remarkable colours, significant prints, and fashionable designs. Its band size begins from 28-40 and cup size D-L. They give the bust a full lift and nice fitting in any piece of clothing.


They specialize in full bust size. Panache is grouped into two categories; Cleo by Panache and Sculptresses by Panache: Cleo by Panache is the “juniors” line and features bright prints and colourful fabrics. Sculptress by Panache is the plus size range and the newest member of the Panache family. Both categories are designed to be well fitting and trendy with sizes from 28D’’ to a 46K”cup.


No list of plus size and full bust brands is complete without the Eveden Group. The Group Owned by Wacoal consists of 5 brands, 4 of which are dedicated to the plus size and full bust. Their sizes range from a “34DD” to a “48JJ”. Elomi brand boasts of a mature, classy look which is their trademark.


Also a member of the Wacoal Eveden brand, Fantasie reels in its use of elegant fabrics and attention to details. Mostly come in bright colours with a full bust bra lines which makes it very unique. The sizes range from “30D” to “40J”.


One brand that is very popular with the full bust ladies. It is also a member of the Wacoal Eveden brand. Freya is known for their Decorative style and produces bras in band sizes “28B” to “40K”. Try on the Freya brand and be sure to get a perfect fit. Freya has a soft fabric texture which makes it comfy to be worn for an everyday basics.

Parfait by Affinitas:

This is one perfect brand that cannot be ignored. Parfait comes with a good crafting that gives the bust a full support. Of all, this is one of the most budget-friendly with several beautiful styles for less. Parfait by Affinitas has sizes from “30D” to”40K”.

Tutti Rouge:

Tutti Rouge was launched recently in 2013. They are new on the list and fast becoming an all-time favourite for the full bust fashionistas who love quality fabrics and bright colours. The sizes are between “28D” to “44J”. This is also budget-friendly style.


A brand unique in terms of prints, lace and sizes. They offer a rare bra size from “34DD” TO “52N”. They have a peculiar lace and print which gives some classy touch to the support of the bra.


This is the final member of the Wacoal Eveden brand dedicated exclusively to the plus sized customer. They proffer a steady range of reliable basics, trendy prints and laces. They give a full and perfect life anytime!

You can visit the nearest lingerie store or check here and here for best brands that will give your girls the unique perfect lift!


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