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9 Bedroom Accessories That Will Ensure You Have a Good Night Rest

9 Bedroom Accessories That Will Ensure You Have a Good Night Rest

The thought of going home to sleep should not be the only idea that comes to mind when you think about your bedroom. There are so many exciting activities that happen in that part of your house *winks*. Before you consider asking Google, let me refresh your memory. A bedroom is not only a place to sleep, it is also a place to reflect and unwind alone or with your partner. This means that special attention must be paid to that sanctuary of sleep and more. Without further ado, let us dive into the main gist.

Here are 9 additions that can transform your bedroom into an Island of adventures

Dimmable Lights

Hear me out before you say “Duh!!!” Lights have a way of casting a glow on everything. You can choose to light things up or tone it down. These lights are a combination of both as you have the liberty to make the lights do your bidding at the flicker of a button. Hence, when you need to really see what you are doing, you can make the light become brighter and when it is time for nocturnal activities to take place-yeah you guessed right-just tone it down. Dimmable lights can be controlled from the side of your bed which eliminates the need to disrupt activities by getting up. Your partner would love this one!

Scented Candles

The ambience of a place can be manipulated by the kind of fragrance released into the atmosphere. If you like the idea of giving the room a particular look and feel while inhaling something heavenly, these candles are your best bet. With beautiful candle holders set in strategic corners of the room, you are definitely going to bond with your partner and sleep like a baby.

Diffusers & Potpourri

Setting up your room for a romantic moment should not be something that happens in a stale smelling room. Diffusers and/or potpourris will get rid of that stuffy smell and give you the perfect ambience needed for a “me and my boo” setting. Diffusers are those little jars that have bamboo skewers sticking out of them. The skewers release the perfume into the atmosphere in a subtle manner. Potpourris, on the other hand, are little bowls of dried flowers that have been soaked in fragrance for so long hence the unquenchable scent it gives. You can use either of these or both based on your preference.

The Love-seat

Additional furniture in the bedroom can come in handy at different times. Apart from sitting on it to read, think or do romantic stuff, a love-seat adds an aesthetic quality to your bedroom as it can be used to add a pop of colour without doing too much. This can be selected based on space restraints and taste.

Fluffy Sheets

Imagine a bed with the right kind of sheets and additional beddings that makes you want to sleep all day. This is what dreams are made of. Bed sheets, duvets, bed skirts made from the finest and softest materials will make you climb in any minute of the day and the sleep will have you flying in your dreams. Girl, insomnia has nothing on you with this one.

Plush Pillows

Having picture perfect beds should not be a dream, make the dreams come true without spending too much money. Pillows are nice accessories that can be a part of the décor and also support your neck whenever you want. Throw pillows and sleeping pillows can be bought or made and arranged on your bed at will. The softer and more padded they are, the better for you.

Bed Frame(s)

This does not only refer to the lower part that sets your bed on or above the floor, it also covers the upper part that extends towards the ceiling. Apart from holding up additional accessories like bed curtains or mosquito nets, it is a structure that creates the illusion of an enclosure within your bedroom. The fact that it comes in both wooden and metal designs gives you the option of buying or getting yours custom made by your furniture maker. Throw on bed curtains and feel your bedroom come alive when you let down the drapes for private moments. Your bedroom will bubble with life whenever you decide to let it fall. Let’s not forget the part of having some time to recoup when your children barge into the room without prior notice.

A Solid Headboard

A bed does not only look like its frame, it looks and feels better with a stylish headboard. You don’t only have something to lean your pillow on, you also have something to grab onto when the heat is on. This beauty can be designed together with your bed frame or separately and you can make one yourself if you need to add a personal touch. Google is your best friend in the DIY department.


Made from glass and metal for an easy on the eye look, this intricate work of art frames our walls and doubles as props for makeup and pictures. Another thing to take into consideration is the way it reflects light without doing too much. Get one or more for that nice touch.

Now you have a better reason to shut down your computer at the close of business and find your way home. Don’t forget that these accessories will make your partner rate you a 10/10 in the bedroom department aesthetically or otherwise. Why not give it a try?  You are welcome!

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