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8 Tips to Manage Your Time Effectively

8 Tips to Manage Your Time Effectively

Every woman craves to be relevant, not just in the kitchen, but in career, politics and business. This is already evident in success stories of women such as Tara Fela-Durotoye, Mary Akpobome, Stephanie Okereke amongst others; who have been able to effectively manage their time to accommodate family alongside the fame that arise from their career.

Do you want to be like this women? Then start with good time management habits as outlined below.

Write Out Your Plans For The Week

If you do not write out your plans for the week, you will do almost everything that comes to your mind. Hence, unable to follow through with any. Also, writing out your plans have a way of speaking to your subconscious mind about a goal that needs to be completed.

Explicitly Set Your Boundaries

The major key to living an organised life is setting boundaries. Without a proper boundary, work can take over your life. It is important you determine the right proportion of boundary to effectively distinguish your personal life from work life. Boundaries also help you set aside a time to rest. When you notice your energy level running low or you feel resentful, you likely need to erect a new boundary—or to respect an existing one.

Categorise Your Time – Set Priorities

It is very important that you categorize your time. Write down all you need to do in a day in order of their priorities. Attach importance to that task which will promote you, make you happy or give you a pay raise. Also, set out time for those must-do things.

Limit Your Priorities

Focus on one thing at a time. Instead of making a to-do list with 20 important things to do at the same time. It is better and easier to make a list of 7 essential things to do in a week

Set Out a time to Appraise Yourself For the Week

 You need to consistently access your time management skills. This will properly inform you about your strength and where possible adjustment is needed. To know how you have been faring so far, you can take this self-assessment test

Make Use Of The Einstein Window Theory

Time management is mainly about preparedness; And a big part of preparedness is knowing when to work on what. Think about the time of day when your mental ability peaks. I call it the Einstein Window. For most people, it is a two-to-four-hour window each day where problems feel like fun challenges. What should you work on during your Einstein Window? Your most important tasks for the day.

Free Up Your Time

This simply means getting rid of unproductive tasks. When you feel like things are going on too fast and you can not tell the difference between priorities and posteriority, you are likely to burnout for the day. Hence, STEP BACK, take a breather, delegate the unimportant tasks and possible batch the similar ones.

Wake Up Earlier and Make a Morning Ritual

Late at night or early in the morning is the best time to plan your day, write out your tasks and mediate. Make this your morning ritual and you are in for a happier, prosperous day.

Finally, when you observe that your time management principles are becoming boring. Apply DISCIPLINE; the ability to stick with a goal without faltering. Eventually, you will find out that it makes you happier and not stressed.

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