8 Fashion “Must-Have” for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Choosing outfits for different occasions is a lot of work.  Fashion trends also have a way of making certain things go obsolete. With many dresses, shirts, and shoes of various colors and designs to pick from, it is easy to get tired. Pairing and matching can become the main focus and take the fun out of playing dress up. Here is the good news; you don’t have to put yourself under pressure whenever you need to go out and have fun. Did you know that you can go from corporate to casual with eight basic pieces? Don’t be a doubting Thomas, just go with the flow and find out how this works.

Here are eight fashion bits you should have in your wardrobe

White Shirt

White is a foundational color so you can pair it with dark or colorful pieces to give you the classy look you desire. You can wear a white shirt or tee with pencil skirt or pants and a smart blazer for a corporate appearance and you can style same with blue or black jeans for a laid-back look. Add nice accessories of any color, fantastic shoes and you are good to go.


Black Dress

Black is another color that works for both casual and corporate settings based on what you add to the mix. For a corporate look, add a colorful brooch with earrings, a pair of pumps and handbag to appear like the powerful woman you are. For a casual appearance, simply replace the pumps with playful sandals and you are ready to play hard.

 Image result for nigerian female Navy blue blazer

Navy Blue Blazer

Navy Blue is so versatile because it goes with bright and neutral colors. You can never go wrong when you complete your outfit whether a dress or shirt and bottoms with a navy blue blazer. With shoes like pumps, flats, and sneakers to pick from, the possibilities are endless.


Gold Brooch & Earrings

This is the mother of all accessories. With the capacity to light up your outfit, a brooch brings the extra oomph you need to dazzle anywhere you go. Available in different sizes and designs, a gold brooch goes beautifully with any color of outfit whether corporate or casual. Throw on matching gold earrings with your brooch; take on the world without fear.

Red Pumps

These high-heeled shoes are a must-have for the quintessential woman. The good thing about pumps is the ability to transform an outfit into runway standard with ease. Your red pumps also add a pop of color in a stylish way. This wardrobe staple goes with pants, skirts, jeans, and leggings for that fashion-forward look you desire.


Chain Wristwatch

Apart from being a timepiece, a solid chain wristwatch is also an accessory that can add an aesthetic quality to your overall look. It beautifies your wrist and also casts a nice glow on your hands as you move them to drive your message home. The chain plays the part of a bracelet and goes with a casual or corporate look at any time of the day. A wristwatch helps you achieve a stylish look without trying too hard. Get one today!


Solid Blue Jeans

This is the ultimate fashion piece for any time or place. Blue jeans work with every fabric and shoe in the book. Hence you can wear this with every color including patterned Ankara tops. This also means you can wear it to church, work, and parties if you want. What is not to like about that? Note: It is essential to choose a rich blue color to enjoy the versatility you crave for while giving off a mature aura wherever you go.


A Classy Handbag

Your carryall does not only move your things from point A to B, it also makes a fashion statement. The only way to achieve this is to pick a well-defined bag, not one that is bulky or made of soft leather. A metallic color such as grey or gold is easy to pair with any outfit for a corporate or casual look.

 There you have it ladies, eight solid pieces you can build on for that fashion forward look. Get all eight, add to your wardrobe and mix with other pieces to win at work and at play without stress.

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