7 Ways To Style Your Favourite White Tee

A white tee is that essential piece that every woman should have in her closet, it is one of the lazy go to super chic wardrobe staple if styled the right way. Majority of our fashion pros can take a staple and make it feel extraordinary with the help of cool denim, statement accessories, and plenty eye-catching shoes. Your white tee may just be the most overlooked item in your closet with the most potential for an outfit versatility. Let’s take a look at how some of our favourite celebrities pulled off this look.

Double Denim

You can never go wrong with a double denim for a causal date. Pair your white tee with a denim boot cut pant, a jacket and a pair of stilettos for a more girly look.jeans shortlegs

Business Causal

For a smart causal Friday work outfit, try on your favorite pencil skirt( it could be floral, stripe or plain). Accessorize with statement earrings and sandal heels.

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With a Blazer

A clean white tee works as the perfect palette for a structured blazer and tribal essence neck piece and bracelets.

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High Waist Inspired

All you have to do with this look is simply tuck your plain white tee into a high skirt or short. The plain white tee has a great draping effect. It can look like you didn’t try hard and you threw it on mindlessly.

With a Dress

Double up on the classic with a sleeveless dress for timeless elegance, paired with the right shoes and accessories and you’re good to go!

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Velvet Inspired

This is perfect for a night out with your favourite girls, wear a bright coloured necklace with funky geometric shapes add a touch of girly flair. You can also try the black-and-white look with black jewelry.

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Less is More

The best way about this look is its simplicity, embrace the white sneakers trend with your white tee. A scarf on your white tee is an amazing piece! It is probably the easiest and chic-est way to add style to your white t-shirt

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