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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Feet Happy

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Feet Happy

As ladies, we believe that our daily beauty regimen should take care of our hair, skin and nails and every other part above the ankles. We forget to pay the same level of attention to our feet. A writer once said that the feet are doorways to the soul. The feet play a major role in giving the body the support it needs. Here are a few ways to love up on your silent carriers:

1. Give Your Feet a Break: Don’t we all love to strut along in our beautiful 3-inch heeled sandals or shoes? It gives a spring to our steps which will not last if it is rooted in pains. Rest your feet by throwing on slippers at your desk or while moving around for a longer period of time. Heeled shoes put more pressure on the balls of the feet and leave a lasting effect that might take surgery to correct. Timing is key when it comes to making your feet feel good.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: This cannot be over emphasized. The skin of the feet is drier than normal and can give away your age if not cared for. Moisturizing your feet with oil will keep your feet hydrated and healthy-looking. Oils like Coconut oil and olive oil should be massaged into the foot at night to help the feet rest properly.

3. Wash your feet: This sounds funny but a lot of ladies have been washing the feet the wrong way. Washing your feet correctly means that you pay attention to every part of the feet including the spaces between your toes. This helps to prevent athlete’s foot and other foot diseases. After washing, dry every part of your feet and rub in a generous amount of body lotion. Your feet will glow and look good in your shoes when you do this.

4. Use a Plaster: A plaster is not only for covering wounds, it can also prevent wounds. Wearing leather shoes can leave your feet battered and bruised. This is due to the constant rubbing that takes place. Placing a plaster on the spot prone to blisters will keep your feet clean. You can also tape your third and fourth toes together to reduce the pressure and boost support in your beloved high heels.

5. Switch Your Shoes: We sweat on our feet and the moisture takes a while to dry. Wearing a particular pair of shoes all week does not only wreck your shoes, it also provides a perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria which will end up on your feet. Wearing a different pair of shoes every day does not only help your feet rest, it also gives your shoes time to dry properly. Airing your shoes leave them smelling good.

6. Choose a Perfect Fit: Wearing tight shoes is a no-no. Tight fitting shoes will leave your feet disfigured and also promote toe bunions growing on them. Take out time to shop for your correct shoe size by visiting the shoe store in the afternoon or evening when your feet are tired and swollen. This will help you choose a size that will give your feet room to breathe and also accommodate the eventual swelling that comes with walking around.

7. Do a Pedicure: I can almost hear the heavenly sounds of violins for this one. There is no better way to pamper your feet than to give it a befitting soak in warm water and oil. You can leave out the Epsom salt as it has drying qualities. Remember to remove your old nail polish before soaking your feet. After the soak, dry your feet and moisturize. Cut and file the nails carefully. Use a pumice stone to get dead cells off the under of your feet. Then get out your favourite nail polish and coat your nails. Your feet will thank you.

Now you have a beauty routine to keep your feet happy. Try it today and watch your feet become more beautiful. Remember, your feet are as lovely as the treatment they get. Enjoy!

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