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7 Secrets to Achieving Healthy And Pretty Hands

7 Secrets to Achieving Healthy And Pretty Hands

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As ladies, our hands ought to be spotless and beautiful. Have you ever been so embarrassed that you had to go for a session of manicure because your hands and nails were almost far gone? Or are you constantly afraid of handshakes because your palms feel all so coarse? Not to worry. Just take a cue from other ladies, the ones with impeccable fingers. Sure, their genes may have been fair on them, but they also incorporate these seven tips into their daily lives.


Rule number one to keeping your hands supple (and your manis intact): Ease up on the hot water. It dries out your skin and causes polish to lift. Savvy ladies switch to lukewarm and cool water when they can.

They Keep Lotion Everywhere

By the kitchen sink, by the bathroom sink, on the nightstand…you get the point. This way they always remember to apply (and reapply) throughout the day and night. Sounds a tad obsessive, but constant moisture is the key to smooth skin now and aging skin later.



They Use Their Skin-Care Products on Their Hands

Exfoliating your face? Use the rest to scrub away dead skin around your cuticles and on the backs of your hands. Slathering on face cream? Rub the remainder on your mitts. Every little bit helps.

They Take Care of Their Cuticles

Repeat after us: Healthy cuticles equal healthy nails. Massage a drop of oil (coconut, almond, olive or, you know, actual cuticle oil) into the base of each nail whenever you can. There’s really no overdoing it with this stuff—especially as you get older and your skin starts to lose moisture.

They Push their Cuticles Back, but Never Trim

Speaking of cuticles, push them back gently with a metal tool every couple days, but don’t trim them. They’re there for a reason and that’s to protect your nails from infection. Hangnails, on the other hand, should be trimmed immediately so you don’t end up snagging them on something (or more realistically, picking at them when you’re bored in a meeting).



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