7 Effects of broken marriage to society

There has been a high level of divorce going on that has led to increase in the effects of broken marriage in the society. Broken homes are significant parts of our society. The products of these broken homes are our friends, colleagues, neighbours and some of our leaders.

It is important to carry out a campaign against it to avoid more of it happening. It is imperative that we let people that might want to travel on this same road to be aware of the implications involved in these. The effects of broken homes are conspicuously staring at us everywhere we move to.

Many of us have always thought it is really no big deal, separating from your spouses with children already in the picture. But what we do not know is, it goes a long way in affecting us especially the children. Some of the effects of broken marriage in the society will be explained in the subsequent paragraph.

1. The Spouses Are Affected:

Irrespective of what led to the separation, the break will definitely affect both parties in different ways. While one party might find it easy to move on, the other party may be faced with difficulty of mingling and building trust again. They are judged and given all sorts of name by society who think they are not good enough to handle a home, especially the female folks.

2. Drains The Children Emotionally:

The children from broken marriages are usually faced with emotional drains. They think a lot. Especially when they see their peers with both parents and they have to struggle to visit both parents. It affects them to see their parents fighting each other and being unhappy. The parents for some period will not be able to give sufficient love to the children.

3. Robs Them Of Their Self Esteem:

Some of these children are being laughed at and bullied at school for not living with both parent. The children might feel they are not good enough because they do not have their parents together like their others.

4. Unyielding To Instrcution:

The children sometimes put on a garment of stubbornness and no longer listen to instructions from both parents. Especially when they live with their mothers, they unknowingly frustrate her effort with their disobedience.

5. Makes Them Independent:

Children from broken marriages usually gets stronger at an early stage. This is not because they are meant to but that they suddenly find themselves in that position. They mostly strive to do so well and earn themselves a good brand so they tend to become independent at such an early stage.

6. Affects Their Relationship Life:

For a child that did not grow up with parents that are in love, they find it difficult to love another soul genuinely. They mostly do not believe in love. They also tend to be vulnerable when they hear sweet words which can make them a prey for relationship predators.

7. Affects The Society:

Futhermore, a glance at the society shows that majority of children from separated homes live some kind of unapproved lifestyle. Although we have some very decent people that are products of divorce but most of them do not end up as expected.

It is imperative to know this things before settling down for marriage in the first place. To avoid anything leading you to signing that divorce paper.

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