7 Beauty Blunders You Have Been Making and How to Correct Them

As ladies, we always want to look good. It goes without saying that makeup looks better on good and blemish-free skin. There are a few actions that can cause damage in the long run. If you want to stay beautiful with or without makeup, you need to avoid making the following mistakes:

  1. Wearing The Wrong Colour: A lot of us have old pictures we would not want le-boo to see because the powder applied was a wrong shade. Choosing your powder or foundation shade on impulse is a no-no. You risk looking like a clown or becoming an object of ridicule wherever you go. To choose the right colour for your skin tone, visit a proper makeup store/experience centre to get advice from qualified makeup artists. This will only cost you the price of the powder/foundation which you will purchase while getting a fantastic makeover for free.
  1. Sharing Makeup Products: Sisterhood is often characterized by love and love is nothing without sharing. Unfortunately, sharing the wrong things can have long-lasting effects. Exchanging makeup products is not advisable because of the difference in skin types and sensitivity. Using a friend’s makeup can expose you to skin infections and breakouts.A certain young lady got a flesh-eating disease from using a friend’s makeup brush.Share the right things and stay healthy.
  1. Using Expired Products: A lot of us have old lipsticks, glosses and eyeshadows we can’t let go of. These beloved items look new, hold great memories but are harmful to your health. Every standard makeup product has a PAO symbol (the Period After Opening symbol). This symbol tells us how long the makeup product can last after it is unsealed.It usually has a number followed by ‘m’ (12m) which simply means that the product should be used within 12 months of opening. Using your makeup after its PAO date can leave you with horrible acne/eczema. Replace your makeup products from time to time and watch your skin thank you.
  1. Sleeping With Makeup On: After a long day at work, taking a bath is the last thing we want to do. We just want to fall into our beds and rest our tired muscles. No matter how much you are tempted to fall into bed with makeup and all, take some minutes to wash that makeup off your face. The skin is a living thing, not only an artist’s canvas. Stripping the carefully applied layers of makeup off your face will help your skin breathe. You also get to sleep well while leaving your bed sheet clean. Makeup contains certain ingredients that can leave your skin inflamed if left on for long hours. Do the right thing, make your skin happy tonight.
  1. Applying Too Much Contour:Contour helps re-frame your face while playing up different angles to give you a more refined look. In spite of the good it does, it should only be used sparingly. This is because the dramatic change in facial structure requires little product, applying too much will only distort your facial features. Cameras are not forgiving of such errors and you might end up deleting most (if not all) of the good photos from your outing.
  1. Shaving off your eyebrows: Have you ever considered shaving off your eyebrows in order to save time and energy? As attractive as the thought is,it is a mistake that will take slow and painful months to correct. You can trim your eyebrows with a trimmer from time to time (if you know how it is done) or have a makeup artist help you out every two-three months. After trimming, fill in your brows lightly with a pencil or eyebrow powder to give your brows a soft and natural look.
  2. Not Washing Your Brushes: The brushes/applicators are tools used to apply makeup products on the face. We forget to clean these brushes for months unending that is, if we ever clean them. The moisture these brushes absorb makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs and everything bad. This is why a lot of ladies end up with uneven skin tone, boils, breakouts and stiff brushes. Clean the brushes with baby wipes after usage to prolong the shelf life and remove left over products. Make out time to wash your brushes with baby shampoo and warm water twice a month to keep them clean and germ-free. Get the best out of your little tools, wash your brushes today!

Ladies, now you know what you have been doing wrong. Step up your makeup game by righting these wrongs and watch yourself become the diva you want to be.

Folakemi Philips

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