6 Ways on How To Get To The State Of Ketosis Faster Than You Know

Ketosis is the metabolic process in which the body uses stored up fats instead of glucose for energy which is applicable in the ketogenic diet, this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. They are some easy habit which can prevent you from reaching the state of ketosis fast. which are:

Cheating with Carbohydrate

Most people cheat during ketogenic diet with foods high in carbohydrate and this slows your progress or takes you out of the state of ketosis. Some people eat ketogenic compliant food from Monday – Friday and goes off diet plan from Saturday to Sunday and you expect to see results, this slows down the ketosis progress and it takes you out of ketosis .it is advisable to stick to 20g net carbs and below 35g total carbs per day.

High Protein Intake

The ketogenic diet is a programme which encourages high fat intake and not protein. Most people mix ketogenic diet and Atkins diet together because they are both Low carbohydrate diet plan. The Atkin diet plan encourages high protein but on the ketogenic diet, it is a different ball game your fat intake as to be 75%, protein 20% and Carbohydrate 5%. On this weight loss programme, it is ideal for you to eat between 0.6g and 0.8g protein.

Drinking more of beverages and Neglect of Water

Most people drink more of beverages like coffee, green tea on the ketogenic diet all in the bid of trying to take in fat through bulletproof coffee and thereby neglect intake of water. it is important to note the ketogenic diet requires plenty of water intake to replenish your system and to help you stay dehydrated. On the ketogenic diet, it is required you drink at least more than 8 glasses of water in a day.

Don’t worry about Fat

The primary source of energy on the ketogenic diet is fat, this had been said several times which implies you should not worry about eating too much of fat. Eating healthy fat at every meal of the day will help boost your energy.

The Act Snacking

You get to the state of ketosis very fast when you stop snacking unnecessarily, Unhealthy snacking will stall or slow down your weight loss progress. Do not snack on chin-chin, plantain chips, groundnut if you want to achieve your target size fast. It is safe to snack on a garden egg or white part of a boiled egg.

Not exercising

Most people think fast results are derived from the ketogenic diet without exercise, that is not true, no nutritionist would place you on a diet programme without recommending exercise for you. I advise you to understand your body mass which will help you know the type of exercise you would engage in. No matter how tired you are from the day’s work try to inculcate exercises in your daily routine this will help your body tone nicely and also prevent you from having a flappy skin as you lose all that weight. Examples of exercise you can engage in are Walking, jogging a short distance and crunches

It might not be easy as you start, but with determination and dedication, your desired results will be achieved.


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