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6 Healthy Ways on Proper Ear Care

6 Healthy Ways on Proper Ear Care

The Ear is a very important and sensitive organ of the body and it is advised to take good care of it, it is quite delicate unlike some other part of the body. The little careless things we do can leave it with damage than we expect. There are several healthy ways to give your hearing organ proper care and attention, some of them will be explained below:

Limit The Noise Around You

Some of us love to listen to good music and we also want it at the highest volume, we like the boom sound that comes out of the sound system. Yea! It is really nice to listen to music that way but it should not be all the time, sometimes it is unavoidable but when we are alone we should control the amount of noise our ears receives as it causes some damage to the ear. It increases the wax in the ear and can even go as far as blocking it.

Avoid The Use of Headset/Ear Piece

I used to love my head set always on, little did I know that it was causing damages to my ears. The use of earpiece can give you the pleasure of your lonely time but will fill your ears with a pack of disturbing waxes. Sometimes we may crave the “alone” but we should ensure we take caution and keep the volume well reduced.

Avoid The Use of Ear Buds

A lot of us are guilty of this, it is more like using your money to buy things that will damage your hearing. Those long sticks or plastics covered with white cotton wool cannot do justice to cleansing of the ear, some of them can even pull out and get stuck into your ears. It causes infection to the ears and should be avoided.

No Sharp Object

Some people do not even use buds but take any available object straight into the ears to clean it. Using sharp objects may damage some delicate organs in the ear. No matter how careful you think you are, avoid them.

Keep your Ears dry always

Leaving moisture in the ear is quite harmful. Thus, the ear should be properly dried after bathing or swimming to avoid bacteria affecting the ear canal.

Get regular check-up

The best thing to do is to always see your doctor for medical advice especially when you feel funny down there. You should also make it a habit to do a regular ear check-up just as you do for every part of your body.

To clean your ears you can use wax cleansing solutions; Olive oil is a very good one, it softens the wax and will make it come out naturally on its own. So you see you can clean your ears without those non-medically induced objects and your ears can be as healthy as you wish.

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