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6 Foods You Should Avoid For a Healthy Skin

6 Foods You Should Avoid For a Healthy Skin

Skin problems are very common in the society today. They leave your skin flabby and unhealthy making you loose your confidence. Most of the commercially available products we try but they leave little or no results. Not only do these creams ensure a healthy skin, what we consume also has long term effects. We are what we eat and we all know it. Here are a few of the foods we must avoid because they make our skin oily:

1. Soda

Carbonated drinks such as coca cola, pepsi, fanta and the likes is badĀ because it is one of the factors in the aging process of the skin, it causes the body to produce all kinds of inflammatory products. The biggest problem about soda is its crazy amount of sugar. The side effects of sugar on the skin, including dullness, dryness and the decrease in skin cell production.

2. Red Meat

Red meat like pork, beef, ham, lamb and others are rich in saturated fats which when consumed can lead to fat deposition in the body and increase cholesterol levels. They also have an impact on the skin making it oilier and prone to breakouts.

3. Fried Chips

What makes potato chips so bad for your belly is not what they have, but what they lack: the ability to make you feel satisfied. A handful of chips can turn into a big empty bag in no time simply because our bodies expect us to make it happy when we eat food. Too much of fried chips can put unnecessary oil into your system which finds its way out through the oil glands and pores on our skin, thus making our skin oilier.

4. Junk Food

Junk food is basically fried and full of saturated fats. Both high-fat and fried food can overwhelm the stomach, resulting in acid reflux and heartburn. This can also cause digestive problems; anything that affects the stomach has negative impact on the health of your skin. Since junk food has saturated fats and certainly not good for the tummy, it ends up making you look dull and oily if you already have oily skin problems.

5. Dairy Products

Dairy products in themselves like cheese and milk contain fat. Including too much in your diet can trigger oil glands to produce more oil and make your skin look oily and dull. For those who are lactose intolerant, dairy can also cause other problems like acne, diarrhea, and cramps amongst others. Always opt for skimmed milk.

6. Sugar

Sugar as we all know is bad for your waistline. It also affects the way your skin behaves. Sugar triggers the oil gland to produce more oil thus making your skin oilier. Sugar can increase your blood-sugar levels, causing rapid inflammation in the body besides affecting your skin.

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