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6 Factors to Consider in Planning a Successful Wedding Party

6 Factors to Consider in Planning a Successful Wedding Party

My love for weddings is mind-blowing! Especially one properly and well organised. As far as i have got an invite, Trust me to attend your event. One thing I have come to realise in my years of attending wedding parties is, you do not need a huge amount of money to have a successful wedding. I have attended weddings where a lot of money was spent, at the end of the day, the party did not come out nice. Also there are people who spend little and their party ended up being the talk of the town.

Having a successful wedding party is not about how much you have but how well you plan.

Are you getting married pretty soon and looking at organising a successful party? You should pay keen attention to the factors below:


This almost seem like the most important thing after food. Your guest definitely must have someplace to seat to your event. In choosing a venue consider the season in which the wedding will be taking place i.e. weather condition. An open field should not be an option during the raining season. If you are using a hall, put your guests into consideration to ensure their comfort and safety. You can then check out the ambience and how well the hall can be decorated. Decoration is another thing that lights up the celebration.

Catering Service

Nigerians will not want to attend a party and realise the jollof rice is not nice or the Amala is ‘koko’ intensified. Whoever is handling the food should be competent enough to provide good food to your guests. They do not need to eat so much but they need to be fed good food.

Wedding Attire

This can either be sewn or bought, but whichever make sure you choose what suits you. Certainly, the bride will not want to be uncomfortable in her wedding dress on her big day neither will it be cool for the groom to look clumsy. Get a professional fashion designer to make what will sit well and suit you most and if you are buying ensure it is dope. Your traditional attire should also make a statement! You do not need to wear a ‘Deola Sagoe’ to achieve this.

Wedding Band

Have you attended a wedding and when the priest orders the exchange of ring the groom starts to look confused? If you have decided to use a wedding band, it is important you get a good one which should not be too loose even if you do not get the exact size. It should not go missing before you start the family.

Aso Ebi

A Nigerian wedding without an Aso ebi? Well I have not attended one yet to see how it looks, Aso ebi gives the occasion a colourful effect. When picking your different Aso ebi ensure that it is favourable to both your rich and middle class guests, do not go too expensive so that everyone can conveniently buy your material. Also ensure the colour is not out of your themed colour.


So after all the grand entry and the colourful guest at the wedding, there should be good pictures to remind you of your big day. Get a very good camera man to give you nice shots and a high quality video to always refresh your memory of the day you said “I DO”.

A wedding that is not properly planned will end up being rowdy leaving your guests unsatisfied.

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