6 Essential Ways to Keep Your Anxiety from Taking Over


When anxiety is not properly managed, it could be catastrophic. As such, It is imperative, to understand how well  to handle this state of emotion and get good results from it. Imagine you have to travel for work, especially when you are one who does not really love to travel: you realise it’s going to be all the things you hate: flying; being separated from your kids, your spouse etc. With all this in view, you can feel the anticipatory anxiety building up.

Do not panic when you feel all these. Know that your anxiety is part of you, and can be a valuable piece. Never let it consume and control over.

Also ignoring anxiety can hurt you, and succumbing to it can quash your dreams. The below listed will help you handle anxiety best!

Build a Structure

This will help stabilize the anxiety. It does not matter how much tension you feel about activities coming up, always make a schedule of all you have coming up/ you need to do. Even when you don’t feel like it, make that schedule, it helps you be in charge and have a hold of your emotions. It is called Structure; gives you self-control, and prevents the tension from running wild.

Have The Best People Around You

Everyone needs a support system. Support is crucial to our existence. Your spouse, family, reliable/trustworthy friends will help overcome whatever anxiety may be building up. Your whole life will have a new meaning when you have people around. Get the best hands who will assist you with some chores/office work. This will give you some free time and allow you concentrate on some other things. People who really value and who cover your weaknesses.

Ensure a Clean Environment

If your environment is out of control, you will feel out of control. Your environment should inspire you! A clean environment will give room for creativity and fresh ideas, A dirty environment equals a tiring burdensome mood which in itself builds up anxiety. Try to make your environment clean always, it breathes freshness!

Take Good Care of Yourself

Building in self-care—exercise, massage, alone time—is not selfish. It’s a key part of managing your anxiety. Even a 10-minute walk or a cup of coffee with a friend can calm your nerves. Take good care of yourself, If you do not, you would not have anything to give.

Always Encourage Yourself

You can give these to yourself, or you can reach out to a trusted confidant. The key is to find what motivates you to reach past your anxiety. Give yourself a reason when the anxiety is there. Make yourself hear it. For example, should you need to travel for a business trip and leave your children behind, tell yourself your children need to be well taken care of and without making money this cannot happen.

You Are Never Alone

Don’t get worked up with the feeling of anxiety, you are not alone. Everyone gets this feeling sometimes but then you never let it control you. You can beat the anxiety and use it to your advantage. Instead of being so panicky, concentrate and put the emotion to good use.

With all that energy, focus on achieving the best of the cause of anxiety. In all of these, you would achieve great results.

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