5 Spices and Cooking Condiments That Keep Pests Away from the Kitchen

There is nothing as fulfilling as having a well-stocked kitchen. Apart from moving the next market day forward, this also makes planning easy for everyone. So what is the kitchen lover’s worst nightmare? Rodents and pests that decide to pollute the foodstuff and cooking environment with their presence and droppings. Many women have had to throw out some foodstuff because of these little things munch on the edibles in the pantry. No matter how hard you try to keep the space clean, these little devils have a way of constituting a nuisance. Sweeping and dusting have little or no effect on getting rid of these pests. What would you do if I told you your helpers are right there in your spice cupboard?  Don’t roll your eyes in disbelief; superheroes don’t always have to come in large frames. Spices are meal makers and pest chasers if only you know how to apply them. Let us find out the spices that are truly twice as nice.

Here is a list of your beloved spices and the pest they work against when applied properly:

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Black Pepper

This is used to give food a spicy taste but works well to send ants away. All you have to do is sprinkle it around the entry point of these little ants and watch them scatter in different directions

Image result for vinegarVinegar

This liquid is used for baking and cooking. It is also very useful for cleaning as it has properties that repel bugs and ants. All have to do is add a few drops to your cleaning liquid and wipe your tabletops and cabinet corners. Your kitchen will be free of these pests for a period of time. However, you have to repeat this process from time to time to keep your kitchen pest-free.

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This nice smelling spice is mostly used for oriental dishes and has the power to rid your kitchen of mice. A few sprinkles in every corner of your kitchen will save you the stress of running around with a broom. Try this today.

Image result for bay leavesBay Leaves

Famous for adding a fine scent & taste to your Nigerian Jollof rice, this tiny leaf is very useful when it comes to eliminating smelly cockroaches whether big or small. All you have to do is put a few leaves in the raw foodstuff whether grains or powder and watch the cockroaches scurry out like tenants that have been served a quit notice.

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This is used for its aromatic properties which gives food a scent that makes it endearing. This is the same reason it is effective against wall geckos. Just chop the lemongrass into pieces and scatter around their usual hiding place which could be under the stove, in dark cupboards, etc. In no time, your home will be free from the hold of this crawler.

Use what you have at your disposal and make your kitchen feel and look better without the creeping things that try to make your life miserable. Safeguard your kitchen today.

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