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5 Obvious Signs of Abuse In A Potential Marriage

5 Obvious Signs of Abuse In A Potential Marriage

A relationship involving an abuse describes a relationship where one person constantly controls and overpower the other party, either psychologically, physically, financially, emotionally, and sexually.

In this article, we will be taking you on a relationship journey with several warning signals. These could serve as a pointer to a potential abusive marriage.

How Often Does He Snap?

Physical abuse starts with a little disagreement, then anger, to burning rage. This feeling may occur once in a blue moon or at every slight provocation; it may be directed towards you, a close relation or even a pet. Either the reason is justifiable or not, anger should be moderate. To fully understand how to manage this feeling of anger, then consider reading our previous article. Physical abuse is neither normal nor healthy.

Does He Coerce You into Romance?

Kisses, pecks and hugs should not be demanded under compulsion. He may use force on you from the simple sexual exercise down to the intimate, forcefully controls the way you dress, make you terminate a pregnancy, make you watch porn or make you drink alcohol against your wish. That is more than a warning sign of intending doom in your marriage.

Does He Constantly Insult you or Intimidate You with His Words?

He does not have to beat you to abuse you. This is capable of lowering self-esteem and damaging one’s self-confidence. Once he criticizes you consistently without an occasional praise, call you names, embarrasses you, threatens you with the relationship and acts like everything is your fault. Then it is tending towards abuse in itself.

Does He Deprive You of Funds?

This may sound absurd. However, if he deprives you of working or earning your own money, lavishes you with too much money rather than care, stylishly robs you of your earning and leaves you almost bankrupt with different stories – No matter how genuine his reasons are, it is an intending doom.

Does He Stalk You?

How often does he stalk your every move – especially on social media? When your partner is extremely jealous, beware!  Especially when he begins to monitor every change in your phone, social media passwords or determine who should be or not be your friends.

Finally, several women are stuck in an abusive marriage. They find it difficult opting out, majorly because of the religious sentiments or a cultural background that bluntly preaches against divorce. The good news for singles today is that you have a choice.  You can choose to WATCH OUT for these signs or to have a carefree attitude to your relationship. What would you rather choose?

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