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5 Nigerian Female Music Legends and Why

5 Nigerian Female Music Legends and Why

Nigeria as a country has produced lots of great musicians. Both male and female. But we are going to dwell more on the female legends among them. Some of these female music legends in no particular order include;

Onyeka Onwenu is a Nigerian artist that has been heard both in Nigeria and beyond. She is known for her graceful and magnificent voice that captivates the mind of everyone that listens. Onyeka sings about unity in our diversity and love in our differences. This has brought a lot that listen to her music to see an individual for himself/herself and love the next for same not minding his or her tribe.

2) ASA
Bukola Elemide aka Asa’s songs need you to listen to the lyrics because they always leave you pondering on how life is. The steps you must have taken wrongly and how to right them. Sometimes indigenous, the singer speaks to and for all. The politicians, the jailer, the preacher man, bamidele and even the magnificent Lagos Masquerade “Eyoo”. Asa tells it as it is and that makes her stand out as one of Nigeria’s finest.

Nneka Lucia Egbuna popularly known as just “Nneka” is one Nigerian artiste that has taken the Nigerian music out of the shores of not just the country but the continent and have made sure her songs are on the playlist of everyone thereby talking about nature, life and the happiness we can find in leaving the best life we can. The Germany based artist has released so many songs including “Kangpe” which happens to be a soundtrack on the EA Sports FIFA 2010 video game and even though in diaspora, she still maintains and portrays her African heritage.

This legend has given much pleasure to our hearing by the music she gave to us. Even in her absence we still enjoy the lovely music Christy Essien Igbokwe gave us while she was among us. This Lady has bagged countless international and local awards and she is definitely not celebrated as much as she should be. She also held other positions in extra curricula activities and is well known for her charitable deeds. She will always be the lady of songs.

So many people do not appreciate this Damsel with the angelic voice but like it or not Omawumi’s voice has a way of soothing that hurting feeling you get when you do not know what to do. Even though she turned out as a runner up at the West African idols, she still shows that with her voice she can do a lot and share a lot. Omawumi’s voice is effortless and she has shown us on different levels how she can make an environment that is dull an environment with much love and cheer. That voice though!

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