5 Negative Effects Of Makeup On Your Skin

Makeup is an essential beauty solution for the female folks. They enhance a woman’s beauty. The use of makeup has in fact taken a new dimension in this generation- Considering the amazing transformation from makeup, most ladies now can hardly do without them. Makeup has become an essential item in their everyday life. It ensures they slay always!

Even as makeup has been doing great jobs on women, the overuse has some negative effects on our skin. It is highly important that we allow our skin breathe and not always clog our skin pores with makeup every time.

Few of the negative effects that can occur while overusing makeup will be explained below


This is quite common among ladies. Acne breeds on the face when you refuse to allow some air on your skin, always padding and touching up with makeup. Also, it occurs once cosmetics is not properly cleaned off the face before going to bed. To avoid this, clean thoroughly with a natural face cleanser after washing your face every night.

Premature Aging:

Makeup products are mostly chemicals that also have their side effects. When used for so long, they have a way of leaving their trade mark on the skin  thus resulting into a quick aging effect. When we notice wrinkles on our faces there is a need to stop and check out what may be the cause, it could be some of the skin care products we use.

Skin Discolouration:

When we see some people without makeup we sometimes get that irritating feeling and we are quick to say “no wonder their face is always made up, they have a bad skin” but what we do not know is that their skin was probably much better before they were exposed to the harmful effect of cosmetics products. It gets worse when we use fake skin products.

Dry Skin:

This is not really as common as the others but it is also a challenge for our skin. The use of some cosmetics product can leave the skin permanently dry causing skin cracks.


This is a quite scary right? However it can be avoided. When we reduce the use and avoid going to bed with chemicals on. As earlier stated, cosmetics contain some amount of chemicals which when applied, is absorbed into the skin and can lead to skin cancer overtime. It is therefore advisable to use less of these products with harsh chemicals ,reduce the use of makeup and clean up before going to bed.

These and many others are the negativity that come with the overuse of applying cosmetics. We need to always check the chemical content of these products before purchasing them.  Also, let’s be aware of the dangers involved in the overuse- this should guide how often these cosmetics are applied.


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