Home Entertainment 5 Fast Rising Up and Coming Comedian That Emerged Via Social Media in Nigeria

5 Fast Rising Up and Coming Comedian That Emerged Via Social Media in Nigeria

5 Fast Rising Up and Coming Comedian That Emerged Via Social Media in Nigeria

The emergence of Social Media has made a huge contribution in the world at large. Ranging from the positive to the negative, however some people have used the social media as an avenue to pave ways for themselves. The social media has helped introduce some very wonderful comedians into their own wall of fame. These particular set of people are doing very well and are growing to become top in their area of profession.

Five of this rising up and coming comedians will be discussed below, including their area of peculiarity.


Emmanuel Edunjobi popularly known as OHEMGEE, this guy has built his career for himself doing what he loves doing most. He creates comedy out of any kind of music coupled with his musical knowledge and sonorous voice that has won the heart of his fans. He is a musician, comedian and a fantastic compére.


Otolorin Peter Kehinde is also a musically inclined comedian. He makes jokes out of songs making everyone burst out in thunderous laughter. His unique voice has also distinguish him among many of his equals. He launched his program Oxymoron of Kenny blaq on July 23 2017.


Gloria Oloruntobi is an example of the good use of social media. The young graduate of the Covenant University has channelled her creativity into producing short skits on the social media which has given her enough recognition in the industry. She is such a talented artist as independently acts all the roles in her comedy skits, delivering each role excellently.


Ayo Ajewole that made the Alfa Sule ministry a step stone to coming to limelight has continuously paved way for himself in the industry. He produces short videos that entertains his fans coupled with his awesome acting prowess. He is a singer, actor, comedian and a compére.



Wofai Egu is another female comedienne that is doing excellently well in the industry. She is a TV presenter, Comedy actor and an MC.

These great comedians have been able to hit the jackpot making a good use of their social media.

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