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5 Benefits of Music to the Soul

5 Benefits of Music to the Soul

Music is that sprinkle of sweetness you need in the boiling episodes you have in life, music with good lyrics and fabulous rhythm could get you to discover an in-depth of life and what people go through. Though we all have different personal definition of music, it still doesn’t change its efficacy. We shall now see some of the benefits to the body, soul and mind.

1. Gets you closer to your creator

As we know, it is an ancient knowledge that music is one of the fastest and most effective ways to draw God’s attention. Music is honey to the soul, sweetener to the ears, happiness to the body, strength for the mind and trust me on this…. Access to God’s promises (Praises).

2. Serves as food for love

William Shakespeare once said “If music be the food for love, let it play on”… such beautiful thought. Music gives your soul that soothing feeling you long to have. Picture this; “Music feeds love and Love feeds Life, which means music is a key ingredient to life itself” (Cynthia Nwadukwe, 2017).

3. As a voice

Right before hip hop became about show offs and nudity, it was a way the blacks stood up and spoke out, it was a voice to and for the people: their means to be heard, their weapon of defense and attack. Music to the blacks at that time was their voice being heard.

4. As a soother

Have you ever been heartbroken? Probably depressed, sad or for some reason do not see any good in life? Plug in your earphones, reduce the volume to a reasonable level, close your eyes and let the music give life to your soul. You will indeed get that better feeling.
Truthfully, it might not always involve you getting back up on your feet immediately but it will let out that anger that has been suppressed for some reason; you could cry, shout, talk out loud but in the end you would let it all out.

5. As a mood changer

Music could also get you in an extremely excited mood- one that would wipe that frown off your face and get your spirit lifted: You could go from being moody to nodding your head and before you know it, killing it on the dance floor. It’s really indescribable but it actually really works.

Bottom line, music goes a long way in giving us some level of joy and happiness. It knows no age group, blood group or social status. Music knows no enemy. It gives same comfort to all. For different reasons, some seem to love music more than the rest. However irrespective of this preference “the music effect “unconsciously makes us tap or even stamp your feet, nod your head or pout to the rhythm of a beautiful song.

Just like I said earlier, get yourself a pair of earphones, plug it into your phone/iPod, select a “good music” then listen on. Let the music heal you…

Chimezie Kelechi

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