Home Entertainment 5 Ankara Labels You Should Consider For Your Next Owanbe Party

5 Ankara Labels You Should Consider For Your Next Owanbe Party

5 Ankara Labels You Should Consider For Your Next Owanbe Party

It is almost impossible for a Saturday to go by without an Owanbe, these occasions are graced with different styles of Ankara. It can be said of Ankara to be a fantastic party crooner, it is quite hard to be at an event without seeing brands of Ankara saying hello to you in exciting styles. If you will love to rock Ankara fabric to an upcoming event and you are confused of which brand to patronize; the Ankara brands highlighted below will be your best guide.


This brand of Ankara fabrics has been ensuring ladies slay for quite a long time. It is affordable and of a very good quality, there are patterned designs and plain designs of this fabric. It can be gotten anywhere in the Nigerian market.


I remember rocking this fabric as a teenager with some hint of elegance. Woodin has since established a name for itself at the market, it designs and produce different patterns at season. They have ready to wear outfits coupled with some beautiful locally made accessories that can gel with your style. It is an African inspired brand.


This fabric has been making waves for a long time especially in African countries. Although manufactured by the China textile industry, it celebrates and promote African culture with its unique and high quality fabrics. The fabrics can be gotten at any market in Nigeria.


This is a nice Ankara fabric that has stayed so long in the Nigerian market. With few yards of this label you are certainly good for go to any Owanbe, it is made of very good textile that can make you stand out at any occasion. Ensure your fashion designer style you fabulously.


This fabric that is one of African’s pride has its designs created at their high-tech studio at U.K, Ghana and Nigeria. They have different print designs and colours that can suit any occasion. You can get your choice of the brand at any African market.

Considering choosing an Aso ebi for an occasion, you can pick out of any of these Ankara labels and  rest assured that you and the guest will slay gorgeously at the party. Guess what? You and your guests will spend less for these quality brands. It is important you get them at shops that get their supplies directly from the brands to avoid falling victim of fake products.

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