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5 Affordable Gifts To Get For Teacher Appreciation Day

5 Affordable Gifts To Get For Teacher Appreciation Day

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you are a first time parent like me, the day will come when you see in your child’s communication book, “Dear parent, Teachers appreciation day is …”. These words can send you into a confusing frenzy of what to buy and how much to spend. You will want to buy something which the teacher will keep for a while and so food and cash gifts are usually out of it and you will also not want to break the bank while doing this.

Here are 5 non-bank breaking gifts you can get for teacher appreciation day.

Hair Accessories

These are always useful. Females can never have too many of these and you can go wild with all the different designs and colours. From decorative combs to head bands and pins, you can give just 1 or as many as 3 without breaking a sweat, just look for a small gift bag and Voila! Your gift is ready.

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Fabrics are a great gift to give a teacher and prices range from very cheap to “OMG, is it made of gold strands?”. The only drawback to giving fabric as a gift is that you are giving this individual an unfinished gift. The person is still going to spend some money to get this made into an attire unless you are including the cash to complete it. However, they make perfect unisex gifts and are also never too much in an individual’s wardrobe. You can buy either pattern or floral Ankara designs.

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Collapsible Storage Bins

These are also very awesome unisex and affordable gifts for teachers. Everyone finds a use for these boxes, from using them as stools to storage of undies or knicks and knacks, these boxes come in a variety of colours and designs and will be appreciated by all and sundry. If you know the teacher has kids, you can buy the kid themed designs.

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Brooches and Lapel Pins

Brooches for ladies and lapel pins have a way of adding that extra style to every outfit and just like the hair accessories are gifts that people can never get enough of because they never go out of style. They come in lovely styles and colours so your only problem will be which to pick.

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Customized Mugs, Bottles or Bags

You can have your child choose the words to be written on the item, buy a plain colour and get a printer to inscribe on it. These are usually appreciated and the chosen item are usually available at very pocket friendly prices.

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You can choose to buy 1 item or a combination of all these in a small hamper, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you show some love to these teachers and teach your child that showing appreciation for services is the right way to go.

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