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4 Top Reasons Why Women Should Be Celebrated

4 Top Reasons Why Women Should Be Celebrated

Women everywhere are gifts from God to mankind. So it is only good that we celebrate them whenever we get the chance. Some of these women aren’t just stay at home mums but they find a way to hustle as opposed to the traditional belief that the place of a woman is in the kitchen and “za aza” room. Some reasons why we should celebrate these women are-

She Finds a Way to Balance Domestic Work and Hustle

It is worth celebrating when you find that woman who can balance her career and the home. You shouldn’t be lacking in anyway. Be domestic- learn to keep a home and a career, this shows your strength as a woman.

She Is Not Totally Dependent On Her Partner

Respect is earned. Take up responsibilities of your own. Do not wait on your man before you feed and fend for yourself. Every man wants a self-dependent woman. One who makes her own money. One who would not wait on a man to be at her beck and call. Such a woman earns the greatest respect of all time.

She Assists Financially

Just like the above, a woman that can assist financially in any form is an asset to whoever she is with. We know sometimes the men will not want you to pay or assist because of the pride that comes with being a man. It will go a long way in letting him know  you both are partners and should be ready to assist each other.  Be selfless!

She is all Sacrificing

This mostly goes to single working mums. A typical single mum is all about getting all her kids want. Every other thing is secondary. When she makes this decision, she knowingly or unknowingly gives up her life. She becomes rigid in every decision she makes. In all she lives for her kids. Now that’s sacrifice. Sacrifice is to be celebrated.



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