4 Great Nollywood Cinderella Movies of All Time

Nigerian movies have evolved from the days of ritual killings that take part within the country to the positive things that we can find in our country. This is not to say that the former isn’t still happening but the latter gives a better representation of us as a country and our way of life. Some of them are quite hilarious and epic but point blank lesson driven. Bottom-line, Nollywood Cinderella Movies have a way of making you want to be in love and be loved. Below are some of the Nollywood romance movies that will leave you gushing for some love;

Flower girl

This is a story of a humble flourish who seemed to want the total attention of her boyfriend and thereafter proposal. So decided to team up with a huge movie star she met by chance so as to get her boyfriend to see what he is missing by having to side line her. As she does this, she also finds a way to have fun while at it. This movie has a very big lesson of cherishing what you have so you don’t loose it/him/her to anyone or anything.

Phone Swap

A hilarious and seat sticking movie that will make you see the purpose of coincidence and how it could make love take over. Phone swap is a movie that involves a rich gentleman who mistakenly swaps his phone with a lady at the airport and then love and serendipity happens. He gets to like this humble fashion designer and falls in love with her. This movie shows that we have no idea how people live till we stick our feet in their shoes.

Super Love

Super Love depicts how a prince decides to find a wife for himself against the wish of his parents to marry a childhood friend who they have arranged for him. The prince decides to marry a lady that piqued his interest. This lady happens to be a housekeeper for her wicked stepfather and stepsisters. It truly tells a Cinderella story but one in a Nigerian setting.

Desperate Housemaids

Although a rather ‘scary’ title, it shows a good example of a guy meet girl scenario, especially when the supposed ‘street girl’ got the job of a maid for a rich man who decides to take care of her and see her as his girlfriend. Although she was fond of stealing things and leaving the life of a ‘street girl’, she found a way to stop because of the love she had for her ‘’Oga”. They eventually got together and became an item.
Another Cinderella story unveiled

Truth be told, Nollywood Cinderella Movies give us a picture of what we want love to look like, Yes. But it isn’t just a thing for the movies. Within the ups and down of a couples life, it is required that couples realise that when it is good, It should be the best. Why not create your Cinderella story today.

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