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4 Benefits of Carrying Extra Cash (Vex Money) When Going on a Date

4 Benefits of Carrying Extra Cash (Vex Money) When Going on a Date

It has become a norm for a young lady to go on a date with some extra cash on. This extra cash can be termed “vex money”.

Vex money is now the latest trend on the rise: which i feel has come to stay. Since no one wants to hear stories that touch or be part of a form of embarrassment, it is best you learn to go out with some on every date possible. In fact, personally, I feel if you don’t have it, just gently stay put. Some perks attached to the practice of having your vex money are-

Your Mind Will Be Settled

The feeling you get is always nice when you know you can never be stranded. Should anything unexpected happen? You’ve got some extra cash not only to take yourself back home (if you do not have a car) but also to give yourself the fun expected on the date. It’s soothing and relaxing. It is not okay to assume you trust him well enough. Trust smart!!

You Will Be Ready for Anything

Going out with cash at hand prepares you for anything. Say the bruva decides he won’t pay or for some reason his card declines, or something: you would have to save the day. Always be ready!!

If He Actually ‘’VEX’’

So the name ‘’vex money’’ was actually gotten from the money you use to find your level if on an outing or date of some sort goes the other way.  Now that is the same thing I mean when I say if he actually vexes. If such misunderstanding arises, you could decide to storm out. But you can only do so when you have the cash to take yourself to where you brought yourself from. ‘’Vex money’’ isn’t just a name that was put there as it really means what it says. So I advise that as you go on that outing, hold some on the vex money in case someone gets vexed.

There Could Be a Change of Plans

During your outing, plans could change. This doesn’t mean you did not plan well or you are reckless but mistakes are bound to happen. In as much as we can plan it all and then have it all go as planned. It is therefore of high importance that you try your best possible to not let the tilt in plan get you down. A little cash at hand could go a long way in helping out with some of these plans. You can never be too careful.

In conclusion, it is key to have some cash with you when you feel the need to go out on a date, an outing or anywhere generally. It’s better safe than sorry.

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