Celebrating International Women’s Day-The Rise of the Sisterhood

For centuries, the idea of sisterhood has been a dream. Many women (the girl child) have been taught to see other women as rivals who would not only stab them in the back but also be her competition when the time for marriage and childbirth comes. Unfortunately, many women have taken this error to heart and robbed themselves of the opportunity to develop friendships and partnerships that should be mutually beneficial. The myth that the man is always the prize has destroyed many women who would do all they can to sacrifice good friendships when a choice man shows interest in them. In addition, the responsibility of maintaining the home front has made many women give up their dreams of success and career growth.

Thankfully, the narrative is changing as many women are gradually waking up to the reality that they can be whatever they want to be with the help of other women. When women come together to help one another, only good can come out of it and men will be affected positively (that was evident in the Black Panther Movie, thanks to the Dora Milaje…lol). Many support groups have risen to push the course of women empowerment and fulfillment in every area.

Here are some of the groups investing time and money in the bid to change the mindset of limitation bestowed upon women by the society:


Females in Nigeria aka FIN is one online group that has become the Nigerian woman’s therapeutic space. Started years back by Lola Omolola, a Nigerian woman living in the diaspora, this group has grown to have over a million members. Women of different races and values find a common ground in the fact that they are women and treat each other like sisters. Women who seek to heal or carry hurt due to one challenge or the other are given the chance to rant, share and also give each other moral support without any form of judgment. The slogan for the team is “I see you” which embodies the sisterhood spirit the team seeks to inculcate in every woman. The number increases every day and keeps the Facebook page lively. Little wonder, the convener was invited to speak with Mark Zuckerberg in 2017.

Awesome Treasures Foundation

This is a faith-based initiative that seeks to help women discover their purpose while connecting them with people who have walked such paths before. Founded by the face of Architecture in Africa, Mrs. Jumoke Adenowo, this foundation is known for its Women Summit that holds every year and sheds more light on the possibility of fulfilling purpose in every sphere as a woman.


The acronym simply stands for Women in Management and Business. This group is one that seeks to empower women in the place of business and entrepreneurship. Started by female and male professionals, this platform is one that helps women find their feet by running mentorship and advisory programs that will give women an edge in the marketplace.

BBOG/Red Card Initiative

These initiatives are the brainchildren of technocrat and former minister Oby Ezekwesili who is a Chartered Accountant and mother. She started the Bring Back Our Girls initiative after the abduction of the Chibok girls by the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group. She is often seen leading peaceful protests to put the government and everyone who cares to listen on their toes while creating awareness for the plight of the parents of these girls. Her voice remains one of the strongest so far in the fight to teach the society the importance of protecting the girl child. The Red Card initiative is also her contribution to the political terrain. Her message is clear “register and get your PVC” so you can kick out bad government and bring in serious-minded people who long to take the nation to greater heights. Coming from a woman means other women will be encouraged to join the fight against corruption.

She Leads Africa

This women-empowering initiative was founded by Yasmin Belo Osagie and Afua Osei. It was founded to offer support to women who seek to be relevant in the entrepreneurial & professional space. At different points in the year, this organization sets up many online and offline convergences that provide the perfect networking opportunity and allow women from different sectors draw strength from each other. It also provides funding for entrepreneurs who are able to prove their mettle.

Mirabel Rape Crisis Centre

Founded as a safe haven for women who have suffered sexual assault, this initiative seeks to provide a platform for rape victims to find justice while healing. Founded by Itoto Eze Anabais, any woman who has been raped is assured of a sisterhood that throws its weight behind women while offering free medical and counselling services without judging.

The theme for this year is Press for Progress and it is a call to action. Whatever you do, remember your sisters need you and you need them too. Start that business and give other women room to grow. If you are on a professional journey, help other women find their way. Get your crown and help the women around you set theirs right. You win when other women conquer. Happy International Women’s Day.

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