The Passion Series: 5 Ways to Make Money from Your Love of Travelling

Travelling is not only a way to see the world; it is also a way of having fun while moving from place to place. If you are someone who is free-spirited and obsessed with travelling, you may feel stifled when you hold down a job that takes all your time and pays you in return. Apart from the frustration that comes with settling, you may console yourself by remembering that the bills will be paid for by the salary that you get at the end of the month. It is good to be an optimist but have you ever considered the possibility of making money from travelling? You can have the best of both worlds when you turn your passion into a proper job.

Here are 5 beautiful ways to make your passion your job:

Start a Travel Blog

It is your job as a travel blogger to travel to different places, take pictures, record videos, write articles and even talk about the process of traveling to these undiscovered places. These bits will be uploaded on the blog/website/social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. With time, you will gather followers who will help to share these resources with friends and loved ones at no extra cost. This will not only help people make choices, it will also make your website or blog the go-to source for everything travel. As your blog/website gains popularity, you will get the chance to advertise for brands and companies on your platform. In addition, you will begin to get the attention of tourism-based organizations; airlines etc. who may make you an ambassador and sponsor your trip in exchange for free reviews and the likes. Apart from the beauty of being your own boss and enjoying your own time as you want, you can also get the attention of News networks like CNN etc. You become an authority on travel and receive TV airtime to share your experience and business secrets with the world. Just start, remain consistent and watch fame and fortune fall into your lap. An example of someone who has made this happen is Chiamaka Ntia (nee Obuekwe) with Instagram handle @social prefect. She was interviewed by CNN.

Become a Tour Guide

As a travel lover, you can relocate to a new country and study the place till you have the layout and history at the back of your mind. Knowing the choice tourist attractions will come in handy when people travel in from around the world on holiday. Every day you will be required to work with different groups of people by showing them around these places and reeling out history that will get them engaged. You also get to move around a lot while talking and meeting different people. As you work as a tour guide, you will also have the opportunity to travel to new places, research and share the information with new travelers and the pay is good too. Whether you organize tours for small families or business travelers, you can be sure that your account will be ringing with cash every other day. Talk about living the dreamer’s life.

Get an Air Hostess Job

This one speaks for itself. Working as an air hostess is the easiest way to live the life of traveler without paying one Naira. The airline foots all your bills and takes you around the world with ease. All it takes is meeting the criteria set for air hostesses as there are physical hurdles you have to cross. Looking the part and acting it go hand in hand. The tough part is having to stand on your feet for hours and putting people skills to use as you make everyone on the flight comfortable. You can be sure that the good life is yours to enjoy. Don’t forget to travel light!

Become a Travel Writer

You will need to love writing to explore this option. Travel writing presents you with the opportunity to work on a journal while you travel around the world. The idea is to work with travel magazines that foot your bill as you travel around and create fascinating pieces of writing for public consumption. Panorama Journal is an example of such a travel journal.

Start a Travel Agency

Many people find it difficult to take out time from their busy schedule to make travel arrangements for their dream vacation. The idea of leaving the office to run around for these arrangements is seen as stress. This is where you come in; one man’s stress is another man’s source of cash. All you have to do is leverage on social media after registering your business name and all. Then you can begin to help busy people bring their travel dreams to life for a fee. You also get to work with larger travel agencies and get your cut as well. Another perk you can get from all this work is travel bonus and discounts which means you also get to travel for vacation at a reduced price. Think about that!

Note: Like every other endeavor, finding your feet in this line will take a lot of work, time and patience. You will need to learn the business side of things in order to create value and make profit. You can research and understudy those who have been in the business before you or work with a mentor so you don’t make avoidable mistakes. Get up and get that cash in grand style!

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