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22 Amazing Skirt Types For Each Body Shape

22 Amazing Skirt Types For Each Body Shape

Skirts are a crucial aspect of our wardrobe. We girls love to wear skirts, in fact some have considered skirts as a must have for all girls.In selecting the particular skirt that suits you, you need to know your body shape. A research into the varieties of skirts revealed that we have about 22 amazing types of skirts.These skirt types are –

1. A-Line Skirt

Named after the shape of the letter ‘A’, the A-line skirt is tight at the waist emphasizing the hips and then flares out at the bottom. It draws attention to the waistline and usually doesn’t go beyond the knee, calf or ankle length.

Ladies with the pear, oval, hourglass and top hourglass body types would look fabulous rocking this skirt any day! You can wear this with a well-fitted shirt, a T-shirt and a pair of heels or casual footwear depends on the occasion.

2. High-Low Skirts

These skirts are made of fabrics that have varying lengths at the hem. They are commonly said to have wavy asymmetrical layers.

Ladies with the straight and pear body types will look good in this any day! This can be worn will a long/full sleeve shirt matched up with a nice pair of heels.Bell Shaped Skirt

Just as the name sounds, these skirts come in bell mini shapes. They are mostly miniskirts which fits tightly at the waist and flares down the waistline to the knee. It holds firmly just at the waist and falls down in an “A” shape like a bell.

Hourglass, Top Hourglass and Inverted Triangle body type will look good in this.

3. Bubble Skirt

Popular since 1950, Bubble skirt enhances volume at the hem. As the name implies, it gives a bubble effect when tucked back under. It gives a much curvier look however it is not a good option for those who don’t want to look voluminous.

Like the bell shaped skirt, this also is a good one for the Hourglass, Top Hourglass and Inverted Triangle body type.

4. Circular Skirt

This also takes the “A” shape. It makes a circle at the hem and mostly has a skinny waistline.

Circular skirts wouldn’t look good on a pear, oval and diamond body type, however a top/hourglass, inverted and straight body type would look fabulous in this.

Skirts like this can be worn with a shirt, T-shirt, tank top, cardigan, vests and the likes.

5. Denim Skirt

Yaay! My all-time favourite! Most girls would give a thing or two for that denim look. Denim skirts were first worn by hippies who tried to recycle denim jeans by tailoring them together. It further invaded the fashion world with tailors and designer adding laces and fabrics to the usual design. These are very popular with the casual styles.

Virtually all the body types we talked about here (make reference to previous post on body type) will look gorgeous in this. But, I would strongly advise that the oval and diamond body type stay away from this.

6. Dirndl Skirt

Dirndl skirts are similar to the bubble skirts. They add more volume to the waistline, mostly knee length and usually flare out from the hem.

Ladies with the top/hourglass, straight and inverted triangle body type will look great in this.

7. Draped Skirt

These skirts are could be described as the illustrative asymmetrical miniskirt with drapes at the waist. They create an extremely slimming effect. The oval, diamond, top/hourglass body type would look great in this.

8. Flared Skirt

Flared skirts are similar to A-line skirts except they flare out towards the bottom. They can be calf length, knee length, or above the knees. They are semi-dressy, dressy, or formal depending on the materials used.Petite and statuesque ladies will be fabulous in this. This can be worn with T-shirts, shirts, pullovers, cardigans and tank-tops

9. Godet Skirt

They fall into the A-line class and have triangular fabrics embedded in the hemline to create volume for the skirt. They give a very slim look and draw attention to the hem. These skirts are basically knee, calf or ankle length. An hourglass, pear and oval body type can rock this any day!

10. Gored skirts

This is a paneled skirt with sections of fabric giving fullness to an “A” line flare at the hem with seams that open up when there is movement and close when held together. Technically, these are made by stitching a number of triangular fabrics together beneath the skirts.They have to be ironed constantly to keep the seams straight. They are casual or semi-dressy and usually knee length. This is perfect for an hourglass and a pear body type

11. High-Waisted Skirt

These are high waisted skirts that are tight, buttoned at your waist and flatter the waistline. These often have huge embellishments at the waistline.

A top/hourglass body will be perfect in this however a heavy busted lady shouldn’t wear this.

12. Layered Skirt

This skirt consists of layers of fabrics that are stitched one above the other from the hem of the skirt. This adds a lot of volume to the body.

This will look good on a straight and inverted triangle body type.

13. Mermaid/Fishtail Skirt

These can be called a trumpet or fishtail skirts. They are fitted at the waist, fuller around the hips, narrow at the knees, and then they flare out at the heels. They flaunt the hip-line perfectly.

It is a best choice for the hourglass body type.

14. Peasant Skirt

Peasant skirts are similar to broomstick skirts without the wrinkled look. They have several horizontal layers. The layers can be made with the same fabric or they can have different fabrics for each layer. These date back to the culture of peasants and labourers before making a way into the fashion industry. These were long skirts and used to be made up of rugged fabric so that they could be worn to work. As these were the common outfits for the poor they were wrinkled and were made up of a number of contrasting fabrics. This would look lovely on any body type.

15. Pencil/Tube Skirt

Pencil skirts are form fitting, knee length skirts. They are straight cut, they hug the legs closely and very tight at the knees. Because of this, they can be difficult to walk in. These are dressy or formal skirts.Pencil skirts flaunt the hip line. One must have a perfectly toned body to flaunt the curves with these ones. If not worn by a proper body type these can be a disaster.

This would look perfect on a top/hourglass body type.

16. Pleated Skirt

This type of skirt has pleats or a single pleat arranged around the waistband or a yoke with vertical pleats all over the length. It is a ready to wear and do not need ironing at the last moment. It is a good choice for all body types.

17. Sarong Skirt

Think of the beaches and you know what this is!! It’s a square piece of fabric that you can wrap around the waist to make a skirt.

18. Skort Skirt

This is a perfect blend of a short and skirt.It usually has a flap of fabric over stitched shorts to make them look like a skirt.It is a perfect sports outfit for ladies.

They are mostly in cotton, linen, chiffon or lace, corduroy fabrics

19. Straight Skirt

These skirts are tight at the waist and hip area and go straight along the legs. They are very similar to the pencil skirt but a little tight at the knees. One has to very careful when wearing these as they are well fitted and quite clinging to the body.They reveal the true figure of the body and are basically knee, calf and ankle lengths.

Straight skirts are a wrong choice for the diamond, oval and top/hourglass body types.

20. Trouser Skirt

These skirts appear in guise of a skirt. They are a perfect blend of a trouser and a skirt: a flared trouser that appear in the shape of a skirt. Its fabric is usually cotton or linen.

This can be worn with flats, sandals, shirts, tees and tank tops

21. Tulip Skirt

This skirt as the name suggest has the shape of an inverted tulip flower. It is a skirt with overlapping panels in the front with an irregular hem in the hem of a tulip petal.The skirt is wider at the middle than the hem or waist. The basic length is above and on the knee.

It is a best choice for the hourglass and straight body type.

22. Wrap Skirt

This is one piece skirt wrapped around the body, overlapping and fastened with the help of ties or a button closure to look like a straight skirt. This is a good choice for almost every woman.

Considering the taste and style of the person wearing, the length of the skirt can vary greatly. Below are skirt lengths that should be considered-

  • Micro mini – This is just about an inch below your bottom.
  • Mini – ends at mid thigh
  • Above knee length
  • Knee length
  • Cocktail length -This length is just below the knee to above mid calf.
  • Midi –skirt length is between the knee and the ankle.
  • Long or Maxi skirt – Length here is between mid calf to lower calf; about 10 inches from the floor.
  • Formal Evening or full length skirt –Here the length is just 1 inch above the floor.

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