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15 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Handbag

15 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Handbag

It is expected that every lady is “Prim and proper” and her appearance scream elegance and glamour. As such, there are certain necessities that every lady must have in her purse or hand bag. These items must be readily available because they will always be needed. If you do not have one of these items in your bag, then you are not ready to head out the door. A woman should always be ready, for anything, anyone, and anytime. With this list of 15 things every woman should have in her bag, you will always be prepared.

  1. Makeup bag

This is one major must have in every woman’s bag. Your makeup bag should never lack; mascara, eyeliner, powder and lip gloss. Ladies should always take some personal time-out to touch up their face.

  1. Pads

Yes you may have calculated the Red day, and you’re certain it wouldn’t make an appearance for the next couple of days; still it’s wise you have a sanitary pad in your bag. You never can tell whoever may be in need.

  1. Tissue/Hand wipes

One thing that should not be out of a ladies bag is tissue or hand wipes. It is out rightly unattractive for a lady to sneeze or cough into her hand and into the air. Sometimes you may place your hand on a dirty surface; the hand wipe will come in handy to get rid of dirts.

  1. Wallet

Ladies should always be well-organized. A wallet is advisable to keep our cash and cards. With all the window-shopping we engage in, one can never tell when that pretty dress/handbag/sandals will get our attention.

  1. Sanitizer

Add sanitizes to the list of essentials every woman should have in her bag. Not only do they look cute and smell awesome, they keep your hands germ free.

  1. Handkerchiefs/ Face towels

On one of those occasions when we would need to dab our face to ease some sweats, the face towel or a blotting paper would highly be useful to blot away some oil off the face.

  1. Nail file

A nail file is definitely an item every woman should have in her bag.  No gain walking around with a broken or chipped nail, keep a nail file on hand to fix those mishaps

  1. Mints

Imagine your breath after eating a plate of fish? Not nice right? Bad breath after a meal is really a turn off; Ladies should always have some mints or gum in their bags to deal with every bad breath.

  1. Perfume

This is yet another important product that every woman should have in her bag. A woman’s fragrance will always leave a lasting impression. Women should always have a lingering scent. Perfumes make a statement any day.

  1. Hair pins and bands

The weather temperature tends to ruin our hair from time to time. A woman should always keep hair accessories in her bag to avoid a bad hair day.

  1. Safety pins

Those off days may happen at any time when a button removes or the skirt slits goes bad, these pins will save the mishaps

  1. Pain Relief pill

May be a paracetamol, panadol or diclofenac. Ladies need to have this in their bags so when the cramps or migraine hits, she can take care of herself like a pro.

  1. Portable charger

Truthfully, we use our phones more than we talk these days. The probability of it shutting off when you really need it is inevitable. Never forget to keep a portable charger in your bag; you would always have a need for it.

  1. Hand lotion

Why does every women need to have this in her hand bag? The hands and feet sometimes need a little bit of attention; for instance hand wash after using the restroom or a meal. Every woman should have some hand lotion in her bag after all; the first beauty rule is moisturize always!

  1. Pen

A pen is one accessory that should always be in your bag. There will always be a reason to write. You will need it, when you least expect it.

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