10 Types of Colleagues at Your Workplace

Your colleagues either make your stay at the office interesting or the other way round. This happens because there are different kinds of people that make up a staff of an organization and all of these people have different attitude entirely.

We will be discussing seven types of colleagues in the next paragraph:

The Sleepers:

This set of people can sleep on water and you wonder if they didn’t sleep at home. They sleep at intervals even when others are working vigorously because they cannot afford to let anything get in the way of their pleasant sleep. This act gets them popular with everyone as it becomes noticeable over time.

The Talkatives:

These folks sometimes give you the vibe you need on the job. Although they overdo it at times because they hardly know when to stop. Their colleagues keeps hoping they don’t talk and put others in trouble because their talkativeness has levels. All noises erupt from their end.

The Geeks:

The overly serious ones. They are mostly glued to their systems and when they are not working, they are probably learning something new. They don’t care about the new trends in town, they just want to work and go back to their houses. Most times they leave the office later than everyone.

The Snitches:

Snitches have just one ambition, ‘getting in the good books of their bosses’. This they strive to achieve irrespective of who being is dragged down. They are the suppliers of information to their bosses, leaving everyone in awe of how the boss got wind of the situation that happened in their absence.

The Foodies:

When you see the way they hurry to eat early in the morning, you wonder if they are pregnant but they are not pregnant they just love to eat. Most of the time they are the slim ones yet they eat at intervals from food to snacks.

The Beggars:

Ever had a colleague that is interested in everything you are holding? It can really get irritating at times but you can’t help the situation. They beg everyone for food or anything they see. These set of people most of the time keep their own belongings and are mostly in monopoly of their stuffs.

The Clueless:

Imagine having a colleague that does not really know their role at the office. Not because they were not informed about their job description but they have chosen to be ignorant and most times they beg other colleague to help out with their responsibilities. They can even go as far as paying whoever is willing to help with their roles.

The Gossips:

Everybody’s gist is on their table. For latest information about your colleagues you can always bank on them. Trust them to give you all the updated information, they are mostly in groups of twos or more.

The Slayers:

You definitely have colleagues that are overly fashion conscious, they are always slaying. These ones go to the rest room for touch ups at intervals and are always taking selfies.

The Temperamental:

They are the constant fighters in the office, they cannot handle nonsense from anyone so they flare up at the slightest provocation.

Which of them are you? identify yourself and some of your colleagues and have a good laugh.





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