10 Reasons Why Ladies Should Abide by Fashion Etiquette

The fashion world keeps evolving and expressing every day and most of us like to follow the trend. We like to go with the latest and newest fashion item in town and in the cause of this we make mistakes that may mar our fashion etiquette rather than make us look good. So, my ladies, to avoid being the next victim of the fashion police.

Below are some rules to guide you in the fashion world:

Your Hairdo Should Complement You

Your hairdo adds a finishing touch to your look, to ensure it suits you very well. Do not just go for the trending hairstyles, be sure it looks good on you. Which is why it is essential you are not too loud with your hairdo. Avoid looking like a clown with your hairstyle.

Go With Clothes That Suit Your Body Shape

Picking a dress bigger or smaller than you are will make you look unattractive. While picking a dress, don’t just look at the beauty of the dress, try it on and be sure it fits perfectly. When you wear what suits you, you come out looking stunning, unlike when your dress makes you look like you borrowed them.

Avoid Dressing Too Young or Too Old

It is good to look young and beautiful always but wearing a dress that is meant for the younger generation will only make you look like a child as well as wearing what is meant for the older generation too. Always balance your dressing, embrace your age and rock the style for your generation.

Avoid Heavy Make Up

With the rate at which ladies learn to make up today and the fast-rising number of professional and unprofessional makeup artist, we are likely to see series of clowning on the road. No matter how good you are eager to look, do not overdo the face-lift. Makeup should be at the slightest minimum to avoid looking like a mannequin.

Pay Attention to Your Colour Combination

Sometimes we just wear some apparels because they will look good together forgetting to check if the colors can go together. Before you mix color, ensure they look good together so you do not come out looking funny. If you are good with combining colors, you are 30% good in dressing. The color combination also includes your shoes, bags, and accessories, so you don’t go around rioting.

Tread Lightly with the Accessories

If you do not want to go about looking like a costume masquerade, then you must beat down your accessories. Be moderate with your use of jewelry and it should complement your outfit.

Dress in Line With The Outing

I have seen some people wear some very lousy cloth to a job interview and some other people wear suit to a wedding. That is wrong, whatever you are wearing should suit the occasion, so you do not look odd among another guest.

Your Footwear Matter

Some of us are shoe lovers, but we should not pick the wrong size just because we like the shoe. Wearing an over-sized or an undersized shoe will make you totally uncomfortable. It will hinder you from walking heads high with them on. It shouldn’t be tight as it might hurt your feet and it should not be too big because it will slip off while walking around.

Have The Basics in Your Wardrobe

There are fashion items that do not come and go, those things should not be lacking in our wardrobe. In as much as we love to stay updated, they are must-have for everyone that wants to stay evolved in the fashion world. These fashion basics include: Jean trousers/skirt/jacket/dress, white shirt, black shirt, Belt, amongst others.

Whatever Makes You Comfortable

Fashion is not all about what is trending but mostly what makes us comfortable. While dressing up ensure that you are comfortable in and with your outfit. Avoid adjusting your dress every minute in public by wearing what you comfortable in.

There you have you it! Stick to these guidelines and you sure would be the definition of poise and grace. Please feel free to leave a comment on fashion etiquette for ladies in the comment section.

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