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10 Keys to a Better Relationship in the Workplace

10 Keys to a Better Relationship in the Workplace

Relationship is the single entity that saves us from the lifetime agony of oblivion. A man with no friends, family and relations, is a dead man walking. It takes relationship to have one’s head above waters. Although, we may work at a lightning speed when alone, It takes relationship to go far than in life. Even employees must frequently work together with their subordinates on projects, communicate ideas and provide motivation to get things done. Without a stable and inviting relationship in the workplace, productivity will be low.

Let me take you down the road of human relationship as we discuss the ten Keys to a Better Relationship in the Workplace.

1. Speak to People

Learn the habit of speaking to people. It creates a warm atmosphere for a good relationship.

2. Smile at People

In communication 70 percent of people pay attention to body language more than the tone of voice and the actual word said.  Learn to smile even in unfriendly situations

3. Call people By Name

Occasional dementia is allowed but to not call people by name is to malign their existence. When you call people by their name, it sends a strong message of care, love and attraction.

4. Be Friendly and Helpful

One major way to show yourself friendly is to be helpful. It would not hurt a bit if you occasional pass the file, lift the desk, open the door when asked, and so on…

5. Be Cordial

Learn to be polite, be as warm as possible and NEVER take people for granted.

6. Have a Genuine Interest in People

A school of thought says; “you don’t have to be friends, you only have to be friendly. I however say, If only you could PAY A LITTLE ATTENTION, you would have a reason to be genuinely interested in people.

7. Be Generous with Praise

I am not asking you to go about giving flattery remarks upon every ones’ deed, I am asking that, instead of neglecting a little act of kindness, appreciate and tell others about it. It makes people happy and their egos; watered.

8. Be Considerate of The Feelings of Others

Considers people’s feelings. Respect yourself as well as others’ differences. Learn to tolerate even other action.

9. Be Thoughtful of The Opinion of Others

Don’t be too quick to discard the opinion of others, especially the minority. Be thoughtful! Remember, a question can be answered in a million different ways by different people and they would all be right.

10. Be Alert to Give Service

Identify needs and giving services should be a key virtue of every living being. Be on the lookout for ways you could give services to me people. In the end, it always pays.

With these ten simple tricks, you have gone all the way to become a people’s person. Irrespective of your looks, who would not want to have you in their life?

Tomiwa Adeleye

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